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Among Birthstones

Pearl is the birthstone for June... but almost every lady wears them.

Pearls are so very versatile. They are worn with the most casual jeans and shirt, and they are worn with the most formal and sophisticated evening clothes.

No matter which month you were born, pearls are always appropriate and admired.

Personal Style...

That's what its all about. We are all developing and refining our personal style. Pearls are the perfect way... to do it your way.

Our fresh water pearl "long strands" feature the best and largest baroque pearls  that I have seen.

These are continuous strands that can be worn long, knotted, or doubled.

Want these large fresh water pearls in an 18 inch strand, and jewelers metal clasp? O.K., we can do that.

You can also have them with or without dramatic Onyx beads scattered along the strand.

Multiand, smaller fresh water pearls are also available. Our five strand, 18 inch necklaces with 14K gold clasps are popular, as are the ten strand/18 inch, with 14K gold beads and clasps.

Pearl rings are pretty and practical. The Pearl And Swirl with diamond accents is a real pleaser.

For the casual elegance look go for the 18" round fresh water pearl strand with yellow jewelers metal safety clasp.

And of course, you can get exquisite pearl stud earrings with 14K posts and backs, a basic necessity for every woman.

All of our pearl jewelry is enthusiastically backed by our…


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Secure Ordering

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You have the opportunity to buy beautiful pearl jewelry with total security and a strong guarantee, and… at The Dorado Company's low wholesale price. Just tell me what you want.

Carolyn Doyle

Enter Quantity Description Size Price Each(US$) Price
Large FW PearlsLong Strand $48
Large FW Pearls/OnyxLong Strand $48
Large FW Pearls18" Strand $26
5 Strand18" Strand $32
10 Strand, Gold Beads18" Strand $71
Pearl & Swirl Ring.05 ct Diamonds $170
Cultured Pearl Strand18" Strand $48
5 mmStuds $21
6 mmStuds $29
7 mmStuds $54
8 mmStuds $162

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