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Gems are as beautiful and diverse as the people who enjoy them. We gem fanciers appreciate them for their uniqueness.

Here you can find the right gem, to provide that perfect accent to your personal style… and in your colors.

On this page you wilI discover "Other Colored Stones" for your appreciation and consideration.

Other colored stones include the gems that aren't yet featured on a page of its own.

"Are these somehow inferior gems," you might wonder? No, these gems are often superior quality gems.

The reason for them being presented here is… we just don't stock dozens of these gems.

The colored stones presented here, such as Ruby, Emerald, Spinel, and Tanzanite are high-profile, exciting gems.


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Ruby is famous the world over, and justly so. It's a wonderful, colorful gem.

Ruby is in the same gem family as Sapphire.

Why is it a Ruby, and not a Sapphire? Simply because it's red… glorious, exciting red.

Ruby is the birthstone for July, but it is loved and worn by all.

Ruby is one of the five most popular precious gems, along with sapphire, spinel, tanzanite, and emerald.

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Emerald is another of the famous and popular precious gems. Emeralds are precious any way you want to measure them.

The color of Emerald is a cool, peaceful, beautiful green. It's appropriate that Emerald is the birthstone for the spring month of May.

Emerald is also the best known member of the beryl family of gems. Other members of the family are aquamarine, morganite, bixbite, and golden beryl.

If you want emeralds, we've got them… and a lot of people want them!

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gems, colored gemstones,  birthstones,  gifts


Spinel is another beautiful and little known gemstone. Spinel occurs in many colors, and is a bright, lively gem.

If you like Sapphire in its many pleasing colors, you'll like spinel. The crown jewels of many countries contain spinels misidentified as sapphires and rubies.

It seems that even the Black Prince's Ruby is actually a beautiful spinel.

Spinel and sapphire are first cousins, so it's easy to misidentify them.

Spinel is made of aluminum, oxygen, and magnesium. Remove the magnesium... and you have sapphire! 

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gems, colored gemstones,  birthstones, gifts


Tanzanite has taken the jewelry and fashion worlds by storm in the last few years.

It's easy to see why. Tanzanite has such fabulous color! The blue-violet color of tanzanite is remarkable.

Tanzanite has always been a scarce gem. Today the gems are very much in demand.

"I'm familiar with these gems," you say.
"What do you have available?"

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