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January, 2001
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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.

Fashionable Gems For 2001

Cool blue gems are starting to look hot. Blue sapphire is always a popular seller, but now other blue gems are making a fashion move.

Several, but not all, of the world's blue gemstones will be fashionable in 2001… and probably for several years after that.

It seems when blue gems become popular, they maintain their popularity for three or four years.

This trend started with recently discovered aquamarine deposits in Africa, and other blue gems are joining the fashion parade.

Blue topaz is always in demand when aquamarine is popular, and for good reason. Sky Blue and Swiss Blue Topaz give the look of top quality aquamarine for one-tenth the price.

We sell Top Swiss Blue Topaz at The Dorado Company. The most popular sizes and shapes are matched pairs of 6 or 7 mm rounds for earrings (studs), and 10 x 8 mm emerald cut stones for rings, earrings, or pendants.

The other trendy blue gems from around the world are…

  • Pastel blue-green tourmaline
  • Pastel blue-green spinel
  • Pastel blue-green topaz
  • Rich blue spinel

The pastel topaz, spinels, and tourmalines give a look reminiscent of aquamarine. The rich, deep blue spinels are very similar in appearance to sapphires.

We have all of these gems in stock, and will be posting more pictures and descriptions on the Azgem website during the next few weeks.


American Gems Are Hot

Another popular trend in the gem world is U.S.-origin gemstones.

Peridot from Arizona, pyrope (ant hill) garnet from Arizona, and sapphire from Montana are the most popular.

Since we are Arizona-based, we are happy to see these gems become more popular. And we are in a good position to help you with your peridot and ant hill garnet needs.

Big Studs

While we are reviewing emerging popular trends in gems and jewelry, I should certainly mention the trend toward larger gemstone studs.

We are selling a lot of earring studs with 7 mm gems set in simple 14 kt. yellow gold pierced-ear mountings. We will be running a spring promotion featuring these studs. Look for pictures and descriptions to be posted on the Azgem website in March.


The Azgem website has been experiencing problems with our web host.

(A web host is a company that rents space to us on a computer connected to the world wide web in a way that allows everyone to access our site at any time of the day or night.)

We have been unable to post any new information to our site for the past couple of months. Those problems will soon be fixed.

Thanks for your patience.


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Until next month… please, visit me anytime at for a good selection of colored gems at great prices.

Carolyn Doyle

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