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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.


January Birthstone Is Garnet


january birthstone


The January birthstone is garnet... at least it is in the USA.

This month we begin a series on birthstones that will provide answers to questions like...

"What is my birthstone?"

"What if I don't like the color of my birthstone?"

"What if I can't afford my birthstone?"january birthstone is garnet

Birthstones have long been a part of civilized cultures. But even civilized cultures classified most gems by color until modern times.

So, if you want to be a traditionalist, the January birthstone is not just garnet, but orangy-red garnet. The name garnet is derived from the Greek word "granatum" or pomegranate seed... because the Greeks named garnet because its color   was the same as a pomegranate seed.

Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!
And if you prefer to balance tradition and your own taste, you can have garnet birthstones in a variety of colors.

Garnet is now recognized to be a family of minerals, with natural gem garnets occurring in many shades and blends of pink, purple, orange, and red. There's even a couple of vibrant green members of the garnet family. And just to add a little more variety to January's birthstone selection, there's also a color-change variety.

Most garnet gems are very affordable, which puts high-quality garnet jewelry within reach of most everyone.january birthstone

The green garnets and the ones that change color are more expensive, because they are somewhat rare.

Garnet is a popular gem, and its popularity isn't limited to those born in January. This gem has the beauty, colors, durability, and other characteristics necessary for a great gemstone.

So, if garnet is your birthstone, wear them with pride. And if it isn't your birthstone, you should a few pieces of garnet jewelry anyway.

We have garnet birthstone earrings in stock. We also have a number of loose garnets in stock in a variety of colors, including ruby-red anthill garnet.

Follow this link to learn more about Birthstones, Modern and Traditional.

A Google search for the keyword phrase garnet gems or garnet lore returns a number of interesting listings and ads. I do not guarantee the accuracy of the information on these sites, but they can be interesting. 





Gem Industry News...


2006 Tucson Gem Shows

The Tucson Gem Shows will get into full swing within a few days. There will be thirty-something shows going on again this year.

It isn't practical to attend all of them, so we select a few of the best and work them hard. Then we try one new one.

Which are the best? It depends on what you're looking for. By now we know the shows with the best quality rough and faceted gems.

We'll buy some rough, and maybe a few faceted stones, and we'll see some old friends.


january birthstone is garnet


Jewelry Dealers

Are you going to Tucson? It's a familiar question in the gem and jewelry industry.

If you are, you can have your color perception tested at the AGTA show. To quote one industry magazine... "AGS announces the introduction of the HRR fourth edition Pseudoisochromatic Test for color deficiency screening, better known as the Colorvision Test."

The test only takes about ten minutes, and is recommended for anyone engaged in the evaluation of colored gems.


january birthstone is garnet


Jewelry Dealers Program

Do you enjoy jewelry and gems?january birthstone is garnet

Do you enjoy talking with friends and co-workers?

Take a look at our great Jewelry Dealers Program.


Carolyn Doyle

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