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January, 2010

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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.


Jewelry Trends For Spring and Summer of 2010





Jewelry trends for spring and summer 2010 were introduced and discussed at several industry gatherings during the past few months.

Fashion trends and colors, especially women's wear and jewelry accessories were a focus of much interest, along with home furnishings.

In spring 2010 collections the top Pantone colors are Violet,  Aurora (rising sun yellow), Turquoise, Fusion Coral,  Tomato Puree, and Amparo Blue. There were also thoughtful, cautious neutrals in pink champagne, dried herb green, eucalyptus gray, and warm beige. Black and white in fresh looks updated by unique patterns and color blocks were well represented.

At one recent fashion conclave, Leatrice Eiseman, executive director Pantone Color Institute observed... “Instead of reinventing their wardrobe each season, consumers want pieces to complement what they own. Pairing a bold color with a basic piece or freshening up a look with bright accents addresses the needs for practicality and fun.”

Jewelry trends for spring and summer 2010 are, of course, great for infusing bright colors or classic neutrals into a wardrobe. Within the popular color schemes of the season, certain gem families such as topaz, beryl, sapphire, spinel, quartz, and tourmaline offer a range of hues, shades and prices. Other notables include play-of-color gems, including opal, moonstone, and pearls.

As one fashion writer reported her observations... "Jewelry on the runways focused on the neck and wrist. The vibe was eclectic, a collage style inspiring customization. Necklaces were either big statement pieces bib style, layers of different pieces of various lengths, or one long necklace dangling a big medallion, amulet or symbol. In bracelets, bangles ruled in various widths, types and colors stacked or armor like cuffs ala Wonder Woman ."

Nancy Leach, senior consultant gem creative for Swarovski,  the Austrian crystal and gemstone manufacturer contributed this analysis of buying trends... “There's a new creative dynamism rooted in meaning and value, with jewelry designs becoming more intellectual, nostalgic, personal, and mysterious.”

Ms. Leach also indicated the 2010 fashion design concepts to be...

    • A play on volume and proportion, color and light—expressing optimism and a new minimal-modernism infused with techno-inspired elements.

    • A mania for layers and collecting, and a clash of cultures to create a proliferation of collaged up-cycled elements to create a modern baroque.

    • An escapism in mismatched inspirations, motifs and materials to create the unexpected in designs that are luxurious yet subversive.

    • A less-is-more philosophy, zen-like luxury with treasures hidden in light, airy designs expressing essential purity countered by detailed complexity.

An internet search using the search box below and keyword phrases such as those listed here will direct you to sites with photos showing the color range of these gem families:

    • topaz colors
    • beryl colors
    • sapphire colors
    • spinel colors
    • quartz colors
    • tourmaline colors

Jewelry trends for spring and summer 2010 include chandelier earrings in teardrop shapes, big gem rings with a cluster of stones, cuff bracelets, and web necklaces.




gem stone and jewelry newsletter


Gem Industry News...


JCK Magazine & Fairchild Join Forces


JCK Events has released an announcement reproduced in part below...

JCK magazine, the jewelry industry's oldest, largest and most respected publication, is unveiling a powerful new relationship with Fairchild Publications and its Women's Wear Daily division in a move that will bridge fashion and jewelry through cutting edge editorial content and world-class design.

Having reached an agreement in principle, JCK magazine and Fairchild will begin transition work immediately, even as final elements of the contract are completed. JCK magazine and JCKonline moved from Reed Business Information to the JCK Events group at Reed Exhibitions this year.

Dave Bonaparte, Group Vice President for JCK Events, said the decision to work with Fairchild and Women's Wear Daily (WWD) to create WWD/JCK Magazine was driven by Reed's primary interest in best serving the needs of the jewelry industry.

"We explored a number of options as we took on management of the magazine this fall," Bonaparte said. "We understood the need to energize the magazine and deliver exciting new content and design, much as we are reinventing the JCK Show in our move to Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay in 2011. Fashion is increasingly a component of jewelry's leading edge presentation. This change provides a way to fully leverage that accelerating trend for the industry. Our commitment is to constantly increase the quality, value and leadership that the JCK brand represents - whether it is in print, on-line or face-to-face. Making bold decisions to open fresh new horizons is part of that commitment."

Fairchild will utilize many of the editorial and design assets of Fairchild - the company broadly recognized as the leading source of information and insight for the fashion industry. For Fairchild, the agreement is intended to extend the reach of its established fashion leadership into the jewelry market online and in print.


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Jewelry Dealers


Now that the Christmas season is behind us for another year... it's time to take inventory. After that we can all take a week or two off.

And after that, there will be time enough to turn our thoughts back to business. Valentine's Day and the Tucson Gem Shows are coming in February.

Remember... you are the Quality Jewelry Discounter. Growing your business requires thought, planning, and effort. But most of all, it requires passion for gems, jewelry, and people.


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