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February, 2002
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Gem Shows In Tucson

We've just returned from working the Tucson Gem Shows.

As usual we met with many gem cutters and producers from all around the world… seeing old friends and contacts, and making new ones.

For those unfamiliar with the "Tucson Shows" it's the largest gathering of colored gemstone dealers in all the world. And it happens every year in Tucson, Arizona.

There are twenty-something shows going on all over town at the same time. These shows take over all of the major hotels and event halls in town.

Gem miners, cutters, and dealers from all corners of the world come to buy, sell, see what's new, talk to others in the trade, and to attend educational seminars.

We had a very productive time in Tucson. We'll be introducing some new inventory in the next few months as we work through what we bought and sold, and as more of the new goods are received.

Enhanced Natural Topaz

As you may recall from a recent newsletter article, we shipped several hundred carats of well cut, clean, white, natural topaz to Asia to be diffusion enhanced.

Until recently only sapphire and ruby could be enhanced by the diffusion process, but now natural topaz can also be enhanced.

Just before we left for Tucson we received the finished gems back from being treated… and they are gorgeous!

The brilliance of the stones is outstanding!

There are several rich, beautiful shades of blue, and an elegant green as well.

enhanced topaz

In the picture above, the colors are:

Top row… True Blue, Summer Blue, Royal Blue, and Aqua Blue. Bottom row… Dark Aqua Blue, Swiss Blue, Diva Green, and Mystery Blue.

I'm very pleased with the colors received, and we are promised more colors as enhancement is perfected for those colors.

Diffusion enhancement is a process of taking a natural coloring element (such as iron oxide) and a faceted, colorless, natural gemstone and driving the color into the gem in a way that makes the color a permanent part of the crystal lattice.

In a special pressurized furnace, the color-causing element and the gem are heated to a very high temperature (to help the coloring element enter the gem).

Atoms of the coloring element enter the gem and replace certain atoms of the gem, much like they do in nature.

The resulting color change is permanent, and doesn't fade.

Diffusion enhanced topaz cannot be recut if it should be chipped, but we will replace any gem free in the unlikely event that one suffers such damage.

We're selling these gorgeous 1 to 3 carat gems for only $10 per carat… far below the suggested retail price of $40 to $60 per carat.

I have them in several shapes, including round, oval, pear, trillion, marquise, emerald, square, and cushion.

We'll build a web page to feature these great gems, but that will take a while. To order now send me a note.

I guarantee that you will not be disappointed in these gems, but you could be disappointed if you delay in ordering. The gems are simply gorgeous and the price is amazingly low!


Free Shipping

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Just deduct the shipping charge when you fill out the order form. If you forget, we'll deduct it for you.


…please, visit me anytime at for a great selection of colored gems at great prices.

Carolyn Doyle

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