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February, 2006

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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.


February Birthstone Is Amethyst


february birthstone is amethyst


The February birthstone is amethyst.

This month we continue our series on birthstones that will provide answers to questions like...

"What is my birthstone?"

"What if I don't like the color of my birthstone?"

"What if I can't afford my birthstone?"

Amethyst is one of America's most popular gems. The beautiful, rich royal purple of amethyst appeals to almost everyone... including the guys.

Rarely, amethyst may exhibit flashes of red.. or even flashes of blue and red, within the stone's rich purple body color.

Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!
Amethyst is truly the royalty of purple gem stones. Many other purple gems cost more, but for most people, the colors are not as pleasing. Sapphire, spinel, tanzanite, Kunzite, fluorite, garnet, and other gems occur in purple... but the rich royal hues of amethyst makes it the most popular of the purple gems. Besides, if you're looking for a February birthstone, you're not interested in those other purple gems right now.

february birthstone is amethystWhat choices do those few individuals have who don't care for the color of amethyst? Not much!

Amethyst, by definition is the purple gem variety of quartz. So, about the only choice is... a lighter shade of purple. Lavender amethyst is also known as apache rose, rose de France, or even lavender quartz.. february birthstone is amethyst

The widespread availability and popularity of amethyst makes it a very affordable gem.

The hardness and durability characteristics of amethyst makes it a very good jewelry stone.

Amethyst is a gem that was known to the ancients. Some cultures believed it warded off the inebriating effects of wine.

Some societies decreed that only royalty could own amethyst.  And some religions restricted the wearing of amethyst to church leaders.

Amethyst is a great gemstone. If its your birthstone, I consider you fortunate.

At the Dorado Company we have a large selection of amethyst gems from Arizona and Zambia, and earrings... and more earrings

Follow this link to learn more about Birthstones, Modern and Traditional.

A Google search for the keyword phrase amethyst lore or amethyst+gold jewelry returns a number of interesting listings and ads. I do not guarantee the accuracy of the information on these sites, but they can be interesting. 






Gem Industry News...


2006 Tucson Gem Shows

The Tucson Gem Shows have come and gone... and so did we.

Its always rewarding to visit our favorite shows and see old friends and industry acquaintances from around the world.

The photo below was taken from between the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) show and the Gem and Jewelry Exchange (GJX) show across the street. There is a constant flow of pedestrian and shuttle bus traffic between these shows and the new Worldwide Gem and Jewelry show, which is about a block off to the right, in the Hotel Arizona.

All three of these shows feature loose gems and pearls, plus some fine jewelry and related supplies. These shows are wholesale only, and restrict admittance to members of the trade only.

tucson gem shows

There are several other important gem trade shows around town as well. 

In addition, there are several shows selling a mix of fossils, meteorites, mineral specimens and mineral crystals, jewelry, and gems. These mixed shows generally admit the public.

In all, there are more than 30 shows that make up the Tucson Gem Shows each February.

The photo below shows a portion of the booths in one of the larger gem shows.

tucson gem shows

If you're in the trade, you should make plans to attend next year. It's an education.

We're fortunate that Tucson is only two hours south of us, so we don't have to travel half way around the world as many who attend do.

gem stones


Jewelry Dealers

Have you and your inventory recovered from the Christmas season yet?

Now's the time to be building up that inventory again.

The price of gold shows no signs of going back down, so if you weren't able to hedge by buying up mountings and findings a couple of years ago, you probably should be buying what you need now..

gem stones


Jewelry Dealers Program

Do you enjoy jewelry and gems?gem stones

Do you enjoy talking with friends and co-workers?

Take a look at our great Jewelry Dealers Program.


Carolyn Doyle

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