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February, 2009

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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.


Zircon Gems To The Rescue


zircon gems to the rescue


Zircon gems to the rescue is a timely thought in this environment of a shrinking economy. 

Natural zircon gems come in a large variety of colors, and they boast diamond-like sparkle. 

(Zircon gems are shown in the four photos in this article.)

Zircon Gems To The Rescue as a subject for this month's lead article is prompted by a convergence of several events...

- We've just received a few blue and yellow zircon gems from a lapidary in Thailand. We have used this faceter in the past with good results. The gems just received will add to our current stock of whites, reds, yellows, and other fancy colors.

- We are expecting a shipment of red, pink, and white zircon rough from Tanzania this month.

- Zircon Gems To The Rescue is the title of anzircon gems to the rescue article in the current issue of Colored Stone magazine's GemMail publication.

That article asserts that "Recession is taking a big bite out of the self-purchase jewelry market."

It quotes an Ithica, New York goldsmith as saying ďPeople feel guilty about buying anything that isnít necessary, So easily rationalized diamond engagement rings are pretty much all Iím selling.Ē

The story goes on to point out that many of the diamonds sold are fancy colored...  champagne, yellow, and coffee colors are mentioned.

Then the article turns it's attention to zircon gems... a traditional, popular, and effective look-alike for diamonds.

blue zircon gems

Later in the article, our friend Raja Shah of Color First is quoted... "You get diamond-like beauty for a fraction of the cost of diamond," he says.

Zircon gem prices of $120 to $400 per carat for 4 to 5 carat stones in retail are mentioned. The article speaks of "spice-colored" stones... cinnamon, nutmeg, saffron - you get the idea. Personally, I like the blues,white zircon gemsyellows, pinks, and reds just as well as the spices.

White zircon gems continue to be our biggest seller as a diamond look-alike. A pair of round white zircons in 4, 5, or even 6 millimeter diameter mounted as stud earrings make a tastefully showy statement.

Zircon gems in round, oval, and other shapes are often used in rings and pendants.

Zircon Gems To The Rescue is shaping up as a theme for the Tucson Gem Shows. The dealer-to-dealer "jump start" has been underway since late January.

Zircon gems of all colors are receiving added attention and interest from these dealers. As wholesale buyers gather in Tucson for the official gem shows, these gems will make their way to to jewelry stores near you. 

A Google search using the search box below and the keyword phrase zircon gems (or similar keywords) will show you a number of links and ads. Just remember, we beat everyone else's price.




gem stone and jewelry newsletter


Gem Industry News...


Retail Jewelry Gloom

Retail jewelry gloom continues to dominate the news in industry publications. Retail stores are shedding employees, retail chain jewelry stores are closing. We read about it in the business section of newspapers, in Modern Jeweler, and other magazines.

There is no doubt the economy is contracting, and the jewelry industry is shrinking right along with the rest of our economy.

When the big chains and independent stores sell less, the manufacturers and suppliers also must reduce output and expenses to survive.

The Tucson Gem Shows will undoubtedly be impacted. The "jump start" seems to bear out these assumptions.

Next month we'll report on our observations and conversations with dealers and buyers. 


Personal note: My husband would like your help in encouraging Google to re-list a couple of pages that have been mysteriously dropped from their search engine index.

If you would click on the links below, that would help.

These pages are from his hobby site about the region known as South of Flagstaff Arizona. 

Thanks a lot!


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Jewelry Dealers


Now is the time to begin planning and replenishing your depleted inventory. If you'll be in Tucson, let us know. Maybe we can get together for a lunch or dinner.

Also, Valentine's Day is coming. The big stores are hurting because people are cutting back. But gift occasions don't stop. Birthdays, anniversaries, and many other reasons to buy nice jewelry at a great price just keep on coming.

I hear that the dollar menu at Burger King is doing well. This is an opportunity to attract new customers to your "quality jewelry at a low price" menu.



gemstone news


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Carolyn Doyle

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