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March, 2005
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Aventurescence In Gems


Aventurescence in gems sounds serious, but it is often a good thing. The term simply refers to metallic glitter in a gem. The term "schiller" is also used to describe the phenomena.

Aventurescence is our last in the series on optical phenomena gems.

The best known gems that display this optical effect are aventurine quartz and sunstone (a feldspar family gem).

Aventurescence is caused by tiny (often microscopic) platelets of natural metals such as copper, mica, or hematite (iron).

The golden sunstone shown here displays the metallic glitter effect handsomely.

The bits of shiny metal in the near-transparent gem crystal reflect light and cause the glitter.

Sunstone has become more popular in recent years, due to the discovery of a more reliable source in Oregon.

Sunstone body colors range from pinks and tans to oranges, greens and reds.

Aventurescence in iolite is also known. The metallic inclusions are reddish hematite. The blue-violet iolite with these red inclusions is known as bloodshot iolite.  I mention this material as a curiosity, since I've never seen it in gem quality.

Aventurescence is a term said to be derived from the Italian "a ventura" or "by chance."

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Industry News...

Diamond Wholesaler robbed

Two masked gunmen posing as deliverymen pulled off a $5 million armed robbery at a wholesaler in New York's Diamond District recently.

No arrests have been made in the robbery at Diamart Inc. on West 47th Street.

Because of a holiday, security at the building where Diamart had its offices on the seventh floor was not as intense as usual, another tenant told reporters.

A manager at the diamond wholesaler buzzed the men inside the street door after they identified themselves via an intercom as deliverymen, police said. Once on the seventh floor, the men put on masks and pulled handguns before looting the business of $5 million in diamonds.

No one was injured in the holdup, and the bandits walked out the front door of the building.


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