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March, 2008

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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.


2008 Tucson Gem Shows



The 2008 Tucson Gem Shows have come to a satisfactory - but not spectacular, conclusion. So now it is time to evaluate and plan attendance at future gem and jewelry shows.

The 2008 Tucson Gem Shows were a great success from the standpoint of gem people getting together to meet fellow dealers, miners, and buyers from all corners of the world, to see what is new to the market, and otherwise visit with old friends, make new contacts, and share information.

From my personal observation, attendance was lower this year, but many of the buyers there were serious about selecting and buying the gems they needed..

The 2008 Tucson Gem Shows received an evaluation of "sales are average" from the exhibitors we talked with.

We saw many outstanding gems for sale. They included a 100+ carat fine blue sapphire, several large fine emeralds, and large Paraiba tourmalines.

Paraiba came into the gem world's lexicon as the location in Brazil where copper-bearing tourmalines were first discovered. Later, when new deposits were discovered in Nigeria and then Mozambique, the term became another way of saying "tourmaline with copper content."

These gems are characterized by small supply, large demand, and high value.

Now the word has become a color. This year many exhibitors were using Paraiba to describe a  few shades of blue. 


I find this strange since Paraiba tourmalines occur in medium and deep blues... and greens, as well.

(If you would like to own a Paraiba tourmaline, send me an email. I have several from Brazil and Mozambique on hand that you can afford.)

We saw Paraiba Apatite, Paraiba Topaz, Paraiba Quartz, and Paraiba Chalcedony. There were probably other gem species labeled with the Paraiba name that we did not see.

I expect to see this trend continue to grow when we attend the Las Vegas Jewelry and Gem shows in late May through early June.

When we began going to the Tucson Gem Shows back in the early 1980's, there were only a handful of show. Now there are more than 40 shows and thousands of exhibitors.

The number of shows and exhibitors has grown much faster than the number of buyers. There are shows at hotels, motels, conference and meeting halls, huge tents, and even vacant lots.

I look for a reduction in shows and exhibitors in the next few years. Booth cost, travel, lodging, and food add up to thousands for each exhibitor. Many tell me they realize only modest profits from their efforts.

Then they explain that the goal now is to identify new year-around customers and suppliers.

But even those exhibitors who threaten to not exhibit next year say they will attend to do business outside the shows.

The 2008 Tucson Gem Shows were about average this year. However, when the major and minor players of the gem and jewelry industry gather to sell, buy, trade and share information, average is very good.

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Gem Industry News...


Gold Could Hit $1000


Gold’s price could top $1,000 per ounce this year, according to many gold industry analysts. Meanwhile, as global demand set records in 2007, the precious metal's current high-price and volatility poses “challenges” to the jewelry industry generally, and U.S. jewelry retailers specifically, says a new World Gold Council report.

Some financial and gold industry analysts are suggesting that gold could top $1,000 within months

Merrill Lynch, one of the world’s leading financial managers and investment bankers has substantially increased its gold price forecast. This month, its analysts said they expect gold to average $925 per ounce this year and reach $1,000 in 2009 (up from former forecasts of $750 and $800, respectively). 

The Market Scan section of in late January suggested “an ounce could go as high as $1,250 this year,” while Ross Norman, director of London-based, said gold could pass the $1,000 mark by the end of this quarter.

Propelling gold’s rise ($940 in January) are several factors, say analysts, including record energy costs (especially oil), ongoing geopolitical tensions, the housing crunch, the weak U.S. dollar, and a possible recession in the United States, the world’s economic engine. 

These factors have pushed corporate and private investors into buying gold bullion, traditionally seen as “a safe store of wealth during times of economic turmoil,” says the WGC’s 2007 Gold Demand Trends report.


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Jewelry Dealers


wholesale jewelryNow that the Tucson Gem Shows and Valentine's Day are history, we can all take a small breather, and then focus on building inventory.

I say a small breather because there are always customers looking for birthday and anniversary gifts.

We must also continue servicing our customers, recruiting new customers, and generally growing our respective businesses.


Keep the  Make An Offer program in mind. You can always pick up a few good deals there. 


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Jewelry Dealers Program

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Take a look at our great Jewelry Dealers Program.



Carolyn Doyle

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