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April, 2008

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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.


Zircon Gems Are Real



Zircon gems are beautiful, colorful, and durable.

"Zircon gems are real, natural gems. Please do not confuse these natural beauties with that un-natural stone called cubic zirconia (CZ)."

"Chemically, natural zircon gems are zirconium silicate (made up of the elements zirconium, silica, and oxygen), with a chemical formula of ZrSiO4."

"Zircon gems are not manmade in a laboratory. They are produced by Mother Nature."

This is my usual answer to the question I receive several times per year. The exact words from the enquiry last week are... "Is there a real gemstone called zircon? My sister has a beautiful new pendant with a solitaire that looks like a diamond. She says it is a 2 carat, natural gem called zircon."

Zircon gems are quite similar to diamonds in appearance because of their luster and fire.

White zircons are often used as a natural gem substitute for diamonds, as solitaires and as center stones and/or small accent stones.

Blue zircons are probably the most popular of these gems when color is desired. This is a traditional December birthstone.

Zircons occur naturally in a variety of colors and shades. Green, yellow, gold, honey brown, plum, pink, red, and black are among the colors found.

Most blues and some whites are usually natural beige gems heat treated to coax out a more pleasing appearance.

Zircon gems are mined around the world.  Russia, Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar,  and East Africa are significant production areas. Cambodia is noted for blues and whites, and Tanzania is noted for white, pink, red, and yellow-gold varieties.

The Cambodian colorless to beige-yellow stones are highly sought after because they heat treat to some beautiful blue shades.

Commercial grade (non-gem) zircon is an "ore" mined for the metal zirconium, This material is used as abrasives and for insulating purposes. It is used to produce zirconium oxide industrial products, because it retains its strength and structural integrity at very high temperatures. 

Through other companies, we have been involved in the mining of gem zircons in Madagascar, and are beginning to mine them in Tanzania. In both locations, the stones are recovered from alluvial deposits (gravel beds) containing several species of gems. These gems weathered out of the host rocks eons ago, and are usually in current of ancient stream beds.

Zircon gems have a hardness similar to amethyst, and are very suitable for use in jewelry, including rings.

We have these beautiful gems in stock, and available for you. Send me an email for more information.

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gem stone and jewelry newsletter


Gem Industry News...


Burma Gem Boycott Update


The USA boycott of products from Burma was initiated several years ago in response to the oppressive policies of the Myanmar (Burma) government.

The bloody suppression of pro-democracy protests in September, 2007, created a call for the American government to apply more economic pressure. 

The US Senate passed the Burma Democracy Promotion Act of 2007 in December with strong support from both political parties, and the House passed a similar bill. The two bills must now be reconciled, and signed by President Bush.

The boycott law enacted several years ago allowed gem rough that was exported to other countries for cutting to be imported into the US as a product of the country where the cutting was done. This new legislation closes that gaping loophole. 


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Jewelry Dealers


wholesale jewelryGraduation season is right around the corner... plus, anniversaries and birthdays are always coming up.

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Keep the  Make An Offer program in mind. You can always pick up a few good deals there. 


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Jewelry Dealers Program

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Carolyn Doyle

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