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May, 2009

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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.


A Woman's Watch Is Personal


a woman's watch is personal


A woman's watch is personal. That is my response to this month's newsletter question.

"A woman's watch is personal and you can consider several factors when shopping for a watch for yourself... primarily taste, type of movement, case and band material, and price." That is the follow-up I usually provide to my initial response. to

When I get a question asking "What can you tell me about watches?" or "What should I consider when shopping for a watch?".I give the answers above and explain that I'm not an expert on watches.

But for purposes of this article I'll tell you what I look for in a watch... in no particular sequence.

Movement - My first watch had a wind-up movement. Later, I bought myself a self-winding watch. Neither kept accurate time over long periods. When battery powered quartz movements became widely available, I found them to be amazingly accurate.a woman's watch is personal

Specialty - To me specialty watches include watches for divers, pilots, sports, and other uses where the watch tends to have multiple dials and buttons. I see most of these as men's watches... probably because they usually need to be larger.

Case Material - I prefer stainless steel for everyday use. Yellow gold (and white gold, and rose gold) cases are nice for dress wear. Titanium watches are becoming more widely available now... but I have not tried one. I stay away from plated and base metal watch cases.

Band Material - Again, I prefer stainless steel for everyday use. Other common band materials include gold, silver, leather, plastic, and velvet cord.

Bezel material - The bezel around the watch face often is of the same material as the watch case. You do see some stainless steel cases with yellow gold bezels in some high-end watches... and you can get diamond and/or gemstone studded bezels.

Crystal - Synthetic or natural sapphire is a durable, scratch-resistant crystal material. Other synthetic materials suitable for watch crystals are also now available. I stay away from plastic crystals.

Shape - Wrist watches tend to be round, oval, rectangular, or square. Triangular and half moon shapes are offered by a few manufacturers.

Waterproof - To get awoman's watch waterproof watch, you are most often limited to round or oval shaped watch cases. The rubber O-ring used to seal the watch back and case doesn't work well with square corners.

Luxury - Luxury watches are just that... a luxury. If a fine time piece is more important than price, these may be for you.

A woman's watch is personal, but I do not feel the need for a truly luxury watch.

Collectible - There are many collectors of time pieces... grandfather clocks, railroad watches and railroad regulator wall clocks, vintage wrist watches of many categories, and of course, pocket watches.

Price - I saved this item of consideration until the end... because in the end, price is a big consideration for many of us. You can buy a watch for $10,  $30, $100... or a half-million dollars. It depends on what you need, what you want, and what you can afford.

A woman's watch is personal to me also. My personal preference is a stainless steel case and band, and a quartz movement. You can get them from Amazon at a very good price.

A Google search using the search box below and the keyword phrase women's quartz watches (or similar keywords) will show you a number of links and ads.




gem stone and jewelry newsletter


Gem Industry News...


Blue Diamonds In The News


Blue diamonds continue to make news. The current issue of Gems & Gemology carries two articles on blue diamonds...

The French Blue and the Hope: New Data from the Discovery of a Historical Lead Cast

This article tends to re-enforce the speculation that the French Crown Jewel known as the French Blue diamond became the Hope Diamond.

 Gray-to-Blue-to-Violet Hydrogen-Rich Diamonds from the Argyle Mine, Australia 

This article is gemology-speak related to the characteristics of gray - blue - violet diamonds from Australia's Argyle Diamond Mine.

DiamondWorld also has an article featuring the Argyl blue diamonds. Rio Tinto Mining has offered a parcel of the rare gems for sale. This equally rare event is labeled the "Once In A Blue Moon" tender. 




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Jewelry Dealers


From a supply perspective, now is the time to replenish your depleted inventory. If you have some money to invest in inventory - there are deals to be had. And you should have some cash. After all, that depleted inventory was sales.

From a sales perspective, gift giving occasions have not disappeared. Birthdays, anniversaries, and many other reasons to give nice jewelry at a great price just keep on coming. Your customers (and their friends) need what you offer!

A market where people perceive they should spend less fits right into your marketing strategy... 

Be The Quality Jewelry Discounter.



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Carolyn Doyle

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