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June, 2005

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gem stone, jewelry


Usable Gems... and a little opinion.


Gold Chain, Charms, Earrings, and Watches


Gold chain, charms, earrings, and watches are the subject of this month's newsletter... the third in our series on how some independent jewelry dealers make jewelry for sale to their customers.

Gold chain, charms, earrings, and watches are usually purchased as finished jewelry pieces by independent jewelry dealers, just the same as is done by jewelry stores.

Gold chain manufacturers sell in large volume to their customers. Manufacturers such as Royal Chain, Leslie's, and Herco require a large initial order from a new chain, charms

Most independent jewelry dealers just don't sell enough to justify a large initial order, so what can they do to work around this obstacle?.

gold watch, earringsThey buy from suppliers that will happily sell them individual pieces.

Several of the large mountings and findings dealers also sell chain, charms, earrings, and watches in gold and silver, as well as supplies, displays and jewelry boxes.

Independent jewelry dealers can use the mountings or findings dealer's catalog to sell individual gold jewelry pieces to their customers.

It's much easier to establish an account with a mountings dealer than with a chain manufacturer

Gold watches are a little more problematic. It's often difficult to find a good selection from mountings or findings dealers.

Several gold jewelry products importers handle gold watches that are fitted with generic movements.

Some of these importers exhibit at gem and jewelry trade shows, such as the Tucson Gem Shows.

This is another reason that serious independent jewelry dealers should attend trade shows. 

Attending gem and jewelry trade shows will open many new sources to the independent dealer.

For those that are, or are considering becoming independent jewelry dealers, the April, May, and June 2005 issues of this newsletter gives you some valuable insight as to how independent dealers source high quality jewelry pieces for resale. 

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Industry News...


Las Vegas Gem and Jewelry Shows

The Las Vegas gem andgemstone stud earrings jewelry shows are growing each year.

More shows at more hotels... and more exhibitors at the various shows.

This year's shows consisted of:

  • The Couture Jewellery Collection and Conference (invitation only)
  • Luxury by JCK (invitation only)
  • Gem & Lapidary Dealers Association
  • AGTA GemFair at The JCK Show
  • Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show
  • The Bead Renaissance
  • Gem & Lapidary Wholesalers
  • International Gem & Jewelry Show
  • The JCK Show
  •  ColoredStone Magazine's review of the gathering summed up events by noting less than booming sales, attributed primarily to more exhibitors competing for sales.


    Jewelry Dealers

    This is maybe the slowest time of the year for jewelry sales. Birthdays and anniversaries are about all that's driving sales.

    But, you should be busy. Now is the time to build inventory. The holiday season will be here by the time you take a little vacation and get your inventory filled.

    After all, most guys buying for "her" prefer to choose a piece of finished goods from your inventory.


    Jewelry Dealers Program

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    Carolyn Doyle

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