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June 2015


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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.


Ruby Prices Continue To Increase


ruby prices continue to increase at sothebys


Ruby prices continue to increase at the fine jewelry auctions. And as these prices escalate, the prices for almost all rubies also increase.

Auction houses such as Christies, Bonhams, and Sotheby's deal in world class gems and jewelry. That status of "world class" can be achieved by virtue of a royal or famous owner, a prestigious designer, or the outstanding quality of a gemstone.

The rarity of the gems featured at these high profile auctions necessarily limits the supply. However, rubies of lesser provenance, lesser size, and lesser (yet good) quality, can still be desirable and beautiful gems in their own right. We can call them "gems for the rest of us".

Ruby prices continue to increase... it has been a recurring theme for a number of years now. Stories in both gem and jewelry industry publications have appeared more and more frequently in the past five years, as the price rise became even more dramatic.



ruby prices continue to increase


And now a 25 carat ruby has become the world's most valuable colored gemstone. It happened on May 12, 2015, at an auction in Switzerland.

Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels sale in Geneva set records in several gem categories - but the 25.59 carat Sunrise Ruby outdid them all. It sold for more than 30 million dollars. $30,335,698 to be precise. When you do the math, that's an astounding 1.185 million dollars per carat!

Sotheby's Catalogue Note describes the Sunrise Ruby as...

Superb and extremely rare ruby and diamond ring, Cartier

"The described ruby exhibits a very impressive size and weight of 25.596 ct, combined with a highly attractive colour and a fine purity. Its colour is further pronounced by its well-proportioned cutting style, resulting in vivid red hues due to multiple internal reflections. Due to complex geological formation processes rubies of such quality generally are found in small crystals and only very exceptionally in such a size as the present stone. [...]Its vivid but saturated colour, poetically referred to as pigeon blood red, is due to a combination of well-balanced trace elements in the stone, typical and characteristic for the finest rubies of Mogok. [...]Based on our records we can conclude that a natural ruby from Burma of this size and colour is extremely rare. Thus, the described gemstone with its combination of outstanding characteristics can be considered a unique treasure of nature." Excerpts from the SSEF appendix letter, 4 February 2015

"The 25.59 ct ruby described in the above mentioned Gübelin Gem Lab Report possesses a combination of outstanding characteristics. It displays a homogeneous and richly saturated 'pigeon blood red' colour, which typifies the finest of these gems. The depth of colour, combined with a high clarity and brilliance, all contribute to the beauty of the gem. The shape and finely proportioned cut provides vivid internal colour reflections. In addition, this remarkable gemstone has been spared thermal treatment." Excerpt from Gübelin appendix letter, 11 February 2015.



ruby prices continue to increase


Although The Sunrise Ruby is an exceptional gem, I cannot find any history of the stone - other than it is in a Cartier ring mounting, and comes from a private collection. All documents and lab reports accompanying the gem are very recent. The provenance of the gem is a mystery.



ruby prices and pink diamonds at sothebys


Further highlights of this auction sale included 'The Historic Pink Diamond', which achieved CHF 14,810,000/US$ 15,903,422.


Sotheby's Catalogue describes the vivid pink diamond ring as...

'The Historic Pink' Magnificent fancy vivid pink diamond ring

Set with a cushion brilliant-cut fancy vivid pink diamond weighing 8.72 carats, between cushion brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 1.09 and 1.12 carats, size 52.

Authentication - Accompanied by GIA report no. 2145476525, stating that the central diamond is Fancy Vivid Pink, Natural Colour, VS2 Clarity, together with a Type IIa classification letter; and GIA report no. 2158045585 and no. 1156317506, stating that the two side diamonds are D Colour, VVS1 and VVS2 Clarity.

Catalogue Note - This exceptional vivid pink diamond was formerly in the collection of Huguette Clark, and weighed 9.00 carats at that time. Previously, The Historic Pink Diamond was reputed to have been owned by Princess Mathilde Bonaparte, niece of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

"The exquisite 8.72 carat stone only recently resurfaced, having been kept in a bank vault since the 1940s," Sotheby's said


ruby prices and sapphire brooch at sothebys


This sale featured an impressive array of gemstones, including a 30.23 carat Kashmir sapphire. It sold for 6.16 million dollars.

Sotheby's Catalogue describes the Kashmir sapphire and diamond brooch as...


Magnificent sapphire and diamond brooch, Cartier

Set with a cushion-shaped sapphire weighing 30.23 carats, amongst pear- and marquise-shaped diamonds weighing a total of approximately 42.35 carats, signed Cartier, numbered, French assay and partial maker's marks, case stamped Cartier.

Authentication - Accompanied by SSEF report no. 78415 and Gübelin report no. 15030026, stating that the sapphire is of Kashmir origin, with no indications of heating, together with appendix letters.

Additionally accompanied by twelve GIA reports:
Catalogue Note - "The few tiny inclusions found by microscopic examination are the hallmarks of sapphires from the reputed historic deposit in Kashmir, located in a remote part of the Himalayan Mountains in India. The velvety and saturated blue colour of this sapphire is due to very fine and subtle inclusions and a combination of well-balanced trace elements in the gemstone, typical and characteristic for the finest sapphires of Kashmir." Excerpt from the SSEF appendix letter, 17 February 2015.

The twelve accompanying GIA reports detail the excellent clarity and color of the twelve white diamonds surrounding the Kashmir sapphire.


Among the jewelry with noble provenance were pieces from the Estate of Mary, Duchess of Roxburghe, which sold in its entirety for a total of CHF 6,146,000/US$ 6,621,522, far in excess of its pre-sale estimate of CHF 1.5-2.3 million.



ruby prices androck crystal necklace at sothebys


There were a number of wonderful examples of signed pieces from Boucheron, Bulgari, Schlumberger and Belperron. Several of these designer pieces featured gems such as citrine, amethyst, turquoise, and other "ordinary" gemstones.

Among these pieces was a rock crystal and diamond necklace by Suzanne Belperron. Rock Crystal is not usually regarded as a high value gemstone.

Sotheby's Catalogue describes the Rock Crystal and diamond necklace as...


Rock crystal and diamond necklace, 'Galets', Suzanne Belperron, 1972

Composed of polished rock crystal alternating with facetted rock crystal rondelles, the clasp set with a step-cut and single-cut diamonds, length approximately 335mm.

Authentication - Accompanied by a certificate from Olivier Baroin.

I was not familiar with the term "galets". A little research informs me that galet is a French word that means pebble... a rock fragment rounded, smooth.


As mentioned above...

Ruby prices continue to increase has been the subject of many trade news stories. These, of course, prompted other articles taking a contrarian view. For example...

Ruby Prices: Is the Party Over? Ruby dealers remember 2012 as a year of dramatic price rises. Increases of several percentage points per month were not uncommon, and, in a number of cases, at the high-end of the spectrum, gems doubled in value during the year. But the past five months have seen changes. Is the price-fest over?

Ruby prices continue to increase at a rate greater then prices for emerald and blue sapphire, according to what I see at gem trade shows such as Las Vegas and Tucson.


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Photo Information


Top - The Sunrise Ruby set in a Cartier ring mounting, with two shield shaped white diamonds

Next - A closer view of the Sunrise Ruby 

Next - The cushion shaped Historic Pink diamond set in a ring with two cushion shaped white diamonds

Next - The cushion shaped Kashmir sapphire weighting 30.23 carat, set in a brooch with a spray of twelve white diamonds

Next - Rock crystal and white diamond necklace by French designer and master jeweler Suzanne Belperron

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Last - Dealer Program Image - Pink Spinel and Sterling Silver Earrings



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Gem Offer


gem special offer pearl earrings


Here is this month's special gem deal. 


Gem:     Pearl stud earrings... the June birthstone

Color:     Pink/white

Quality:     Gem quality

Shape:     Round 

Dimensions:     6 mm

Approximate Weight:     NA

Price:     $28, plus shipping ($5)

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We have other  shapes, sizes, and shades of gems available.

We keep gem prices low by buying quality gemstone rough worldwide, and having the rough material cut by our gem cutters in Asia.


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Gem Industry News


Three-year-old Boy Strikes Gold With Metal Detector


500 year old pendant


A three-year-old boy using a metal detector for the first time has unearthed a gold pendant estimated to be worth over £2.5m.

James Hyatt made the discovery while out with his father and grandfather in Hockley, Essex.

He had only been scanning the soil for a matter of minutes when it started beeping.

The trio, from Billericay, started digging and just eight inches deep, they saw a glint and found what they now know to be a 500-year-old gold pendant.

Read more




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Jewelry Dealers


jewelry dealers wholesale


Now that your inventory is well on the way to being replenished, it is time to focus more on sales again.

Gift giving occasions have not disappeared with the holiday season. Fathers Day , birthdays, anniversaries, and many other reasons to give nice jewelry at a great price just keep on coming. Your customers (and their friends) need what you offer!

A market where people perceive they should spend wisely and receive value for their money fits right into your marketing strategy... 

Be The Quality Jewelry Discounter.



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Jewelry Dealers Program


jewelry dealers program


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