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August, 2001
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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.

Quartz Gems

More people own and wear quartz gems than any other family of gemstones!

At The Dorado Company we sell a lot of quartz gems.

Our customers are pleasantly surprised by the gem quality, eye appeal, and affordability of these beauties.

Surprise usually turns into curiosity about these gems. Then we get questions, questions like…

  • What colors do they come in?
  • Do they make good jewelry stones?
  • Why are quartz gems so popular?
  • Which gems are quartz gems?

I hope you're curious also, and will enjoy the answers to those questions. I always enjoy answering the questions and talking about gems.

Now, about those gem colors…

Quartz gems come in a dazzling array of colors and shades!

Mother Nature makes them in pleasing shades of green, yellow, purple, violet, pink, orange, brown, white, gray, black, and colorless.

They also occur in blends of these colors. There's gold-green, orange-yellow, orange-brown, chartreuse, lavender, purple with red flash, and purple with red and blue flash.

There's also a stone called amentrine. Its amethyst purple on one end and citrine yellow on the other.

Some colors are vivid and some are soft. Some are pastel and others are deep and saturated.

There's even a clear-as-water colorless variety with black, gold or other colored inclusions!

The range of colors are enough to please almost everyone.

pearls, cultured pearls, saltwater, freshwater

Quartz gems as jewelry stones…

Quartz gems are made of… quartz! That is to say, their chemical composition is silicon and oxygen (SiO2), often with a trace of another element to provide a pleasing color.

There are several types of quartz minerals. Some are in the "pretty rock" category, such as petrified wood, jasper, onyx, chalcedony, and agate.

Many of these stones are used in hobby and ethnic jewelry.

Some cross the "hobby divide" and are used in fine jewelry.

What we work with and know at The Dorado Company are transparent, facet-grade crystals of quartz.

Some colors of quartz gems (yellow, brown, colorless) occur in large crystals. Large gems can be faceted from many of these crystals.

Quartz is a relatively hard mineral, so it wears well in jewelry. It has a hardness rating of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.

As with most gems, quartz should be cleaned with jewelry cleaner… or at least rinsed in water to remove dust before wiping with a soft, clean cloth.

Many dust particles are also quartz, with the same hardness as gem quartz. Materials of equal hardness can scratch each other.

Quartz gems are very popular...

And they should be! They have a lot going for them.

Beautiful colors, bright and lively gems that please the eye, durable as jewelry stones…

And priced low enough that we can enjoy several pieces of quartz gem jewelry.

Until now I've avoided naming the quartz gems. But they are familiar to you, even if you don't recognize them by their generic label.

The most popular quartz gem is amethyst, the purple passion gem. In recently compiled sales figures amethyst is again the fourth most popular gem. Only ruby, sapphire, and emerald are more popular.

Lavender or lilac hued quartz is called Apache Rose or Rose of France. These softly colored gems can be very appealing and complimentary.

Citrine is another very popular quartz gem. This familiar name belongs to gems ranging from pale yellow through deep orange.

(Several different quartz gems are listed on our Gems Under $100 web page)

Oro verde caprice is a strikingly beautiful gold-green quartz. We use it in our big stud earrings.

Brown quartz is known as smoky quartz, a popular gem in silver jewelry.

Many quartz gems haven't received a unique name, usually because these colors occur in smaller quantities. These gems are known by their color.

Rose quartz, pink quartz, champagne quartz, chartreuse quartz, and green quartz are often very gemmy and attractive.

You've heard of the fortune teller's crystal ball all your life. Real crystal balls are made of rock crystal. That's the transparent, colorless variety of quartz. Real crystal balls really are crystal!

Rutilated quartz is rock crystal with unique and attractive inclusions.

So there's my introductory speech extolling the virtues of quartz gems. I hope you'll add a few more to your jewelry collection… I know I will!

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Carolyn Doyle

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