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August, 2008

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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.


East African Sapphires


east african sapphire


East African sapphires are among the finest in the world. The top grades of sapphires from this part of the globe compare favorably with those occurring in the famous gem fields of Sri Lanka and mainland Asia.

East African sapphires (like other gems and sources) occur in all qualities from top gem to cabochon and bead grades, but the top grades are fabulous.

East African sapphires also occur in all colors and shades... including classic blues, pinks, canaries, purples, orange-reds, padparadscha (orange-pink), greens, and white (colorless).

Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar are the primary sources for these beautiful and colorful gems.

Sapphire deposits in Kenya seem to be located in the north and south. I'm not aware of any significant sources in central Kenya

Important sapphire deposits in Tanzania are worked in several areas...

The Umba River valley and surrounding hills, near the Kenya border is famed for sapphires, but the deposits stretch north-west along the Tanzania - Kenya border from near Tanga to the Serengeti National Park area. Mines in these areas have been producing for several decades.

tanzania map

Editor: I would normally use the word "region" rather than "area" but, in Tanzania a Region is a political subdivision, similar to a province or territory.

The Morogoro area between Dar es Salaam and the new capitol of Dodoma. A scattering of sapphire mines are being worked along an arc to the south and then west of the Morogoro fields. Many mines in these areas also continue to produce.

The Songea area in the southwest is an important source of fancy colored sapphires (colors other than blues). Songea sapphires contain significanteast african orange-red sapphire (and varying) levels of magnesium, resulting in a wide range of fancy colors.

The Tunduru area in the south is possibly the most important sapphire mining area in Tanzania at this time. The most productive mines are said to be along the Ruvuma River, which forms the border between Tanzania and Mozambique.

east african sapphireMozambique is not yet a significant source for sapphires... but I expect that to change as more gem prospecting occurs there. With Tanzania sapphire fields to the north, and Madagascar fields just across the Mozambique Channel, the country of

Madagascar is a well-established source for gem sapphires  

East African sapphires, in all their glorious colors and shades are an important resource, helping to keep gem sapphires available in the market, and prices affordable



gem stone and jewelry newsletter


Gem Industry News...


Legislation closes loophole for Burmese jade and ruby  imports from Thailand


On July 29, President Bush signed legislation that bans the importation of all Burmese jade and ruby into the United States. The legislation is titled the "Tom Lantos Block Burmese JADE (Junta's Anti-Democratic Efforts) Act of 2008."

The new law specifically prohibits importation of jadeite and ruby, “mined or extracted,” from Burma, including articles of jewelry set with Burmese jade or ruby. 

“In essence, this act closes the loophole that allowed stones to be recut outside of Burma and no longer be considered as “Burmese origin” when imported,” said Chris Smith, vice president of the American Gemological Laboratories.

The law takes effect 60 days after the President signed the legislative act. Other Burmese gemstones are not mentioned in this law.

The President also signed companion legislation, titled the "Renewal of Import Restrictions on Burma."



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Jewelry Dealers


An ailing economy is an opportunity for independent jewelry dealers.

We all know the economy isn't as poor as the news people indicate, as they focus on the worst of it. Our own, and our neighbors circumstances are a better barometer.

People still want and need jewelry. Gift occasions, people building and refreshing their wardrobe, and see it - like it - buy it purchases are all sales opportunities for you.

An ailing economy isn't a deal killer when you offer quality, service, and low prices.


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Jewelry Dealers Program

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