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September, 2000
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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.

Burma, The Land Of Rubies

Burma is the source of the finest rubies in the world. Burma is also very likely the world's largest producer of rubies. It has been so since before humans started writing history.

But if you look at a modern world map you will not find a country named Burma.

In 1989 the name was changed from Burma to Myanmar.

You see, in this part of Asia names are of great significance. Names are often chosen to fool the bad spirits.

For instance, if a child is born sickly, an ugly name may be chosen so the bad spirits will not take the child.

In the case of Burma, the ruler of the country changed the name so the bad spirits could no longer find the country.

The chain of events started in 1962...

In that year a military coup brought dictatorship to the people of Burma. The new ruler disarmed the citizenry and effectively closed off Burma from the rest of the world.

The people of Burma went from citizens to property overnight. Thus began a cruel and bloody period that isn't over yet.

But it's very hard to completely control local trade. People will find a way to make a living.

The people along Burma's borders continued (cautiously) trading with their neighbors and trading partners across the rivers or mountains in Thailand and India.

In this way both rubies and news of events in Burma continued to flow to the rest of the world. In some areas exotic timber was also smuggled out of the country by floating logs down and across the rivers.

High value rubies and other gems could be dug and transported by individuals. Valuable timber along streams could be cut and floated to market across the border by families.

At the same time food and other goods flowed back to the people of Burma. Along with the goods came some news of the outside world.

In 1988 anti-government riots swept the country. The government put down the riots by killing many thousands of unarmed citizens.

In the years after the riots, some loosening of economic controls occurred… along with the name change from Burma to Myanmar. But there was no relaxing of political controls.

Over the past several years the government has made many arbitrary changes in economic controls… sometimes seeking private partners to develop and market natural resources, and sometimes confiscating private property.

What has remained constant is high taxes.

Burma is blessed with abundant gem resources. In addition to rubies, sapphires and spinels are mined and exported by the local miners.

The government doesn't seem to have much success in gaining control over this potential source of wealth. Virtually all gem mining in Burma is done by hand. The miners aren't getting rich, but most are making a living at it.

Next month we'll take a look at where and how gems are dug in Burma, the land of rubies.


Is Your Website A Mutt?

Do you have a website? Are you having success in attracting visitors?

What do you sell on your site? Even non-commercial sites promote something.

Some people with non-commercial sites provide information on their chosen subject at no cost to the visitor. Some promote a cause.

Some people put up personal websites as a way of saying to the world "I'm here and I'm an interesting individual."

Is yours a commercial website? Do you sell hard goods, or maybe how-to-do-it information delivered electronically?

Whatever the purpose of your website, it must be found and visited by others to be successful. The more visitors the more successful your site will be. Right?

Almost… attracting more visitors is one of only three things you must do to make your site successful.

On the AZGem site we talk about our experience in creating and making a success of our site.

The turning point in making the site successful was finding and following a book called Make Your Site Sell.

The "experts" now recognize this book as the very best guide to making your website successful.

The book covers all three of the things you must do to have a site that sells.

Recently the author, Dr. Ken Evoy has started developing timesaving, low-cost tools to let you turn his guidance into action.

We haven't used the tools yet ourselves, but we will. We know from experience that Dr. Evoy puts out AAA value products.


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Carolyn Doyle

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