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September, 2007

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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.


Diamond Accent Jewelry


diamond accent jewelry


Diamond accent jewelry has been popular with us ladies since our grandmother's time. That means it is also a popular genre with both custom designers and mass merchandisers.

Diamond accent jewelry is elegant, classic, and luxurious.

The Hope Diamond pictured above is perhaps the best known example in the USA. The crown jewels of England, Iran, and other countries contain many stunning examples.

Diamond accent jewelry usually consists of one or more larger colored gems or diamonds mounted in a jewelry piece with smaller diamonds along side, or surrounding the primarydiamond accent jewelry gems.

Diamond accent stones are most often 1 mm to 4 mm in size. It takes a large piece (like the Hope) to look right with larger accent stones.

These small diamonds are known in the jewelry and gem trades as melee. This word has French origins, and seems to mean "confusion" or "jumble." A parcel of mixed size small diamonds fits that description well.

Diamond accent stones are often round in shape, but some designers successfully utilize square, oval, pear, and marquise shaped accents to enhance their designs.

Several of the large mounting manufacturers offer an array of gold and platinum mountings that call for accents. These manufacturers specialize in providing both modern and classic designed jewelry components to the trade.

diamond accent

Gem dealers or jewelers then add their own loose stones to complete the jewelry piece.

Many styles are available in several stone sizes. For example... 

6 x 4 mm center stone with six 1.3 mm accents
7 x 5 mm center stone with six 1.5 mm accents
8 x 6 mm center stone with six 1.8 mm accents
9 x 7 mm center stone with six 2 mm accents

Variations on some styles may be available to accommodate different shapes of center stones, such as oval, emerald, or marquise. 

Now consider the array of gems (aquamarine, emerald, amethyst, diamond) and colors (blue, pink, yellow, green, orange, and more) just in sapphire!

The combinations are almost limitless. This is how we, and our dealers produce professional semi-custom jewelry.

Diamond accent jewelry... yes, that's what I was talking about before I went off on that mountings tangent.

Some people want accents other than diamonds. Colored gems in melee sizes are often used. A recently produced ladies ring with a 6 mm round white zircon and marquise iolite accents comes to mind.

We also carry alternative (less expensive) accent gems, including white (colorless) sapphire, zircon, and topaz.


Cubic Zirconia Accent Stones

We even offer white cubic zirconia accent stones for the convenience of our customers. We have them in several sizes and shapes. They look beautiful in jewelry, and they're dirt cheap.

 These are man-made stones. They are the only artificial stones that we sell!

To inquire about loose colored gems, finished jewelry, or loose accent stones just send me an email to tell me what you want.

Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

diamond accent jewelry is a keyword phrase that returns a number of internet listings and ads with additional information and photos.




gem stone and jewelry newsletter


Gem Industry News...


World's oldest diamonds found in Australia


This news article doesn't relate to gem grade diamonds, but I think it's interesting.


Scientists have discovered what they believe are the world's oldest diamonds beneath the Australian Outback in a surprise find that could force a rethink about how the Earth formed.

The diamonds are believed to date back more than four billion years, making them almost as old as the 4.5 billion year old planet, according a report from Australian and German researchers in the scientific journal Nature.

"We're still stunned, it was the last thing we expected to find," geologist Alexander Nemchin from Western Australia's Curtin University of Technology told AFP.

The diamonds were found trapped inside zircon crystals from the Jack Hills region in the remote north of Western Australia state.

The 50 gems are tiny, with the largest measuring only 70 microns, or about the width of a human hair and most invisible to the naked eye.

Nemchin said they could have major implications for scientists trying to understand the Earth's early geology because they are believed to have formed up to a billion years earlier than the oldest previously discovered diamonds.

He said diamonds need immense pressure from the planet's tectonic plates to form, and scientists had believed the plates were too thin so early in Earth's history because at the time it was little more than a molten ball.

"It means it's possible that the Earth looked similar to the modern Earth much earlier than we thought," he said.

"It's a very controversial area though and not everyone will agree with that conclusion."



gemstone news


Jewelry Dealers


wholesale jewelry

Now is a good time to review your inventory of jewelry packaging.

Do you have enough ring boxes with interior colors to show off the jewelry piece it will hold? 

How about earring boxes... and pendant boxes?

The presentation box helps make that very important first impression.


gemstone news


Jewelry Dealers Program

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Take a look at our great Jewelry Dealers Program.



Carolyn Doyle

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