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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.


The Color of Sapphire


the color of sapphire

Credit: Forbes


The Color of Sapphire is blue - and many other colors.

When discussing sapphire we need to first talk about the mineral called corundum. Chemically, corundum is an aluminum oxide, a very hard mineral. Physically, corundum takes form as crystals.

Sapphire is one of the names of the mineral corundum. Ruby is the name for red corundum. Padparadscha is sometimes used as the name of orangeish pink corundum.

Last month's article in this space talked about spinel being added as a birthstone for the month of August. In that article I mentioned that spinel is a "cousin" to sapphire in many ways. In speaking of colors I stated... "Ruby is the red version of corundum, and Sapphire is the name given to all other colors of corundum".



sapphire blue


The Color of Sapphire is blue to most people. There is even a shade of pure blue that is popular in the garment and accessories industry, the automotive industry, and other places. That color is known as Sapphire Blue.

The word sapphire is believed to have it's origins in several older languages, including Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. In all of those languages, it seems to be their word for BLUE.

Now that gem identification has advanced over the past hundred years or so, now we know that corundum comes in many colors... and shades within a color.

The Color of Sapphire is blue today, as it was in prior times. Other colors of what we now know to be sapphire were identified as topaz, peridot, amethyst, or some other gem recognized at that time.



the color of sapphire


Corundum also occurs with a complete lack of color, and also in black.


fancy sapphire


So if ruby is red corundum, and sapphire is blue corundum, what do we call all the other colors of corundum?

As a group, other colors of corundum are known as Fancy Sapphire.



fancy sapphire


Individually, we add a descriptive word to the name. Examples include names such as Pink Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, White Sapphire (colorless), Purple Sapphire, and many others.

Some sapphire names may be more descriptive, such as Canary Yellow Sapphire, Hot Pink Sapphire, and Teal Green Sapphire. The list could go on and on, to describe the many shades of sapphire.


padparadscha sapphire


A rare and desirable color is Padparadscha Sapphire. It is popular in Asian countries. The popularity and rarity of Padparadscha colored sapphire makes it one of the more valuable sapphires.

Padparadscha Sapphire color is described as "the color of the lotus blossom - a blend of orange and pink.

In some parts of the world Padparadscha is used alone as the name for sapphires of this color.

The Color of Sapphire is blue when the generic name is used alone. But to complicate matters a little more, we may add a descriptive name to some blue sapphires. These names often are derived from where a typical gem of that shade has historically been found. Examples include Kashmir Sapphire (from the Kashmir region of India and Pakistan), and Ceylon Sapphire (from Sri Lanka).

The Color of Sapphire is blue - and many other colors. With so many color and shade choices, everyone looking for a nice gemstone should be able to find one that appeals to them.


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Photo Information


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A Google search for links or images using keywords such as cornflower blue sapphire or burma ruby sanctions can return some very interesting information and websites.




Gem Offer


gem special offer sapphire marquise


Here is this month's special gem deal. 


Gem:     Sapphire

Color:     Cornflower blue

Quality:      VVS - clean stone

Shape:     Marquise 

Dimensions:     9.5 x 4.9  mm

Approximate Weight:    1.30 carats

Price:     $130, plus shipping ($5)

Send me an email (with anti-spam) (carolynatazgemdotcom) and tell me that you want this fine gem.

We have other  shapes, sizes, and shades of gems available.

We keep gem prices low by buying quality gemstone rough worldwide, and having the rough material cut by our gem cutters in Asia.


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Gem Industry News


Burma Ruby and Jadeite Sanctions


jadeite necklace

Credit: Grogan & Company


Since 2003 the U.S. government has prohibited the importation of some gem materials from Burma (Myanmar) through a combination of legislation and Presidential Executive Orders.

In 2003 the ban was strengthened by specifically targeting the two most valuable gems from Burma... ruby and jadeite.

Over the past several years Burma has made significant progress towards democracy. The recent visit by President Obama to that country has fueled expectation that the ban on importing these gems will be lifted soon.


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Jewelry Dealers


jewelry dealers wholesale


Are you planning and preparing for the gift giving season? In addition to building inventory for the busy sales season ahead, you should give attention to contacting existing customers to remind them how you can help them save time, money and aggravation.

At the same time they can help you. Most home-based jewelry dealers rely heavily on recommendations from existing customers for new customers and sales.

Your customer base and sales can be increased significantly by a little innovative marketing. For instance, organize a couple of guys-only jewelry parties at customer's houses.

Have the host invite his friends. They will become your customers because you offer good deals (low overhead means low prices on quality jewelry).

Be The quality jewelry dealer at a lower price.


give to wounded warriors


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Carolyn Doyle

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