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October, 2004
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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.


Quartz Gems Family

The quartz gems family continuously generates interest and questions among those who appreciate custom jewelry.

And for good reasons. Quartz gems include some of the prettiest gems available. 

Quartz gems boast other qualities that make them popular as jewelry stones:

  • Quartz is a relatively hard gem and is therefore suitable for jewelry.
  • Quartz gems occur in facet quality in a number of locations around the world.
  • An adequate supply exists in the market.
  • For these reasons quartz gems are very affordable

Quartz gems most famous member of the family is is the royal purple variety known as amethyst.

Amethyst is one of the five most popular gems, and is the February birthstone.

We offer amethyst gems in our 7 mm stud earrings.


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Citrine is another member of the quartz family with its own distinctive name. The name comes from the French word for yellow. Citrine is often used as a November birthstone.

We offer citrine gems in our 7 mm stud earrings.

Ametrine is the third member of the quartz gems family to have a variety name.

Ametrine is amethyst on one end... and citrine on the other end.

This unique gem makes an unusual piece of jewelry.

Quartz gems also occur in many other colors. Most of these colors are somewhat rare, and often very beautiful.

As a group these other colors are known as fancy colored quartz gems.

Individually they are known by their color. For instance... green quartz.

When green quartz displays a gold-green color, it's known as oro-verde quartz.

We offer oro-verde gems in our 7 mm stud earrings.

Rose quartz is only semi transparent, and therefore is rarely faceted. Rose quartz is most often used in carvings, beads and cabochons.

Rose pink quartz cabs make great jewelry stones. This material also occurs in a soft pink color.

Smoky quartz can also be used to make striking jewelry. This brown member of the quartz family comes in a variety of tints and saturations.

And then there is white quartz. When faceted, this gem displays all of the mystery of its big sister... the crystal ball.

Rutilated quartz is another striking member of this gem family. It lends itself  well to unique custom jewelry. Here's a photo of my personal rutilated quartz pendant.

Rutilated quartz displays golden needles of the mineral rutile in a crystal clear quartz body.

Quartz with tourmaline is similar to rutilated quartz. It contains dark, needle-like tourmaline crystals in quartz.

Red quartz in facet grade is a very rare variation on amethyst that has been found in the Four Peaks amethyst mine in Arizona.

Facet grade blue quartz is synthetic. The only natural blue quartz is opaque to translucent.

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Industry News...

Holiday Spending To Rise

The average consumer plans to spend $702.03 on the holidays, up 4.5% over last year, according to the findings of a National Retail Federation (NRF) survey. Total holiday spending this year is estimated to reach $219.9 billion.

A total of 22.6% of those surveyed said they wanted jewelry for the holidays, according to NRF 2004 Holiday Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey conducted by BIGresearch for NRF. Its findings were released Wednesday.

Books, CDs, DVDs, videos, and video games held the highest ranking, with 53.1% of consumers hoping to receive something in that category. Clothing and clothing accessories also continue to rank high with shoppers at 50.6%. More than half of consumers (50.2%) want to receive a gift card. Other items on consumers' wish lists include consumer electronics (32.6%) and home décor (21.3%).


Jewelry Dealers

The holidays are coming!

Are you making up new pieces of jewelry to rebuild and upgrade your inventory? Now is a good time to work at this fun and vital task.

We have hundreds of gems in a wide range of gem species, colors, and sizes.

Most of our stock is in sizes suitable for rings, pendants, and earrings. 

Send me an email for information on gems that interest you.


Jewelry Dealers Program

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Carolyn Doyle

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