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October, 2007

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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.


Garnet Colors


garnet colors


Garnet colors can now follow the rainbow.  

Garnet colors, the subject of this issue of the AZGems Gems newsletter answers a readers question. She asks... 

"My sister and I both were born in January, and she has a new ring with a bright green gem in it that she says is a garnet. What colors can I get a garnet in?"

When we first began in the gem business in 1982, the industry saying was... garnet comes in every color - except blue.

That changed in 1990 when blue garnets were discovered in Madagascar.

Now they come in all colors and many shades. That is because garnet is actually a whole family of minerals. The family is made up of several species and varieties. What ties the family together is their crystal structure - and part of their chemistry.

Garnet has the ability to substitute a number of different elements into the same crystal structure. This leads to the manydifferent hues. 

garnet colors Most garnet gems are a cross between at  least two species.

I could make you cross-eyed by going through the entire list, but I will only throw out a few terms as we discuss colors.

Garnet colors include pink, purple, violet, orange, yellow, colorless, brown, black, several shades of green, and yes, many shades of red.

Red garnet is by far the most popular and most common. This gem is usually a cross between pyrope and almandine, two of the species of garnet.

The ruby red of Arizona's Anthill Garnet is an exception to the rule. They are usually pure pyrope. 

Then there is the bright orange of spessartite... which also occurs in red (with internal orange fire).

Rhodolite garnet is often the color of the rhododendron flower, but can also be pink.

Hessonite is often a cinnamon color.

One of the vivid green garnets is called tsavorite, named for a location in Africa... Tsavo, Kenya. Another bright green garnet is called grossular, after the gooseberry. Grossular garnet occurs in many colors, and colorless.

Color Change Garnet

color change garnet

Some garnets are one color in sunlight, and a different color under other light sources. These are called color change garnets. Some change from green to gold, some from red to green, some from red to blue, and more color combinations are being discovered each year.

Color change garnets are very rare. Blue ones are extremely rare.

The photo of the uncut garnet crystal shown above is from a new mine owned by Madagascar Gems. This color change garnet definitely exhibits different colors under different light sources.

Color change garnets are found in a few locations around the world in addition to Madagascar, but that island nation seems to have a few not seen elsewhere.

Some color change garnets exhibit a more subtle change... say from red to purple. These are known in the gem trade as color shift garnets. They change color, but it is not quite as dramatic. The terminology allows more precise communication within the industry.

Many garnet colors are available in our stock. Send me an email and ask if we have the one you want.

garnet colors

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Gem Industry News... Advocates For Permanent Internet Tax Break


Several industry sources report that, in one of its first efforts at advocating for public policy, is asking the U.S. Senate to support a permanent extension of the current ban against multiple and discriminatory taxes on electronic commerce. The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee recently considered a permanent Internet tax moratorium in an Executive Session.

Many states and other taxing bodies see internet sales as an inviting new source of revenues. Internet merchants vigorously oppose the tax collecting and record keeping burden., the digital division of the National Retail Federation, announced in August, that it has expanded its mission to include advocacy and public policy.



gemstone news


Jewelry Dealers


wholesale jewelry

I am seeing dire predictions regarding the continuing increase in gold prices!

This is one article. You can find others with a Google search. The march toward $1000 Gold.

Could we prosper in a high gold market, or barely survive? How many of us may go out of business if gold actually does reach $1000?

If you believe in the predictions and have the means, you could consider hedging gold by buying extra quantities of the gold products you use, such as mountings or casting grain.


gemstone news


Jewelry Dealers Program

Do you enjoy jewelry and gems?sapphire ring

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Carolyn Doyle

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