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November, 2000
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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.

Jewelry Storage

Your jewelry is a visual statement of your personality and style. Keeping your jewelry looking its best helps you make a positive statement.

Good looking jewelry has several enemies, including…

  • ¨ Scratches in the metal
  • ¨ Gemstone nicks and chips
  • ¨ Dirty jewelry

To this list let me add the ugliest of them all… lost and stolen jewelry. Your jewelry doesn't look good when a thief is wearing it.

In the November and December '99 issues of AZGem Gems we talked about protecting your jewelry when wearing and cleaning it. Today we'll talk about good jewelry storage habits.

A good start toward defeating the enemies listed above is to create and faithfully use a lined jewelry storage drawer.

It is really simple to create a jewelry storage drawer in a Chest of Drawers or other location. All you need is…

  • An adequately sized drawer for the amount of jewelry you own and routinely use. (If you have some very expensive jewelry that you keep in a safe or safety deposit box, you are already properly storing that jewelry.)
  • A piece of soft velvet or other soft material.
  • Shallow dimpled foam rubber or garden trellis material (wood or plastic) with small (1 to 2 inch) openings.
  • A jewelry cleaning cloth.

Now lets create your jewelry storage drawer.

Clean the drawer thoroughly.

Cut the foam rubber or trellis material to comfortably fit inside the drawer and form the bed for your jewelry. No need to be overly precise here since small gaps between the bed material and the sides of the drawer will be covered by the cloth.

The velvet needs to be a little more than twice as big as the bottom of the drawer. If you cut it about 2 inches larger, you can trim any excess later.

Lay the velvet in the drawer face up, with the material extending up the sides and back of the inside of the drawer. Since the material is twice as big as the drawer, let the other half hang over the front of the drawer for now.

What you now have is a soft drawer liner with small depressions. The depressions tend to hold each piece of jewelry in place and prevent the pieces rubbing against each other.

Place each piece of your jewelry in the drawer, allowing space to prevent the pieces touching. Chains, pearls, and beads can be laid out straight or looped, over several depressions.

This is a good time to start a smart habit… use the cleaning cloth when putting each piece away, unless you cleaned the piece with jewelry cleaner and thoroughly dried it.

Now for the material hanging out the front of the drawer. You simply fold it over the jewelry to act as a dust cover and additional protection against movement.

Put the jewelry cleaning cloth in the drawer so it will always be handy.

You now have a specialized storage drawer that protects your jewelry from wear and dirt.

I believe this drawer also protects your jewelry from loss and theft.

If you faithfully use the drawer, your chances of misplacing a piece of your precious jewelry are reduced.

As you can probably tell, I am not a fan of small jewelry chests and cabinets. Most don't provide enough space to store pieces without them touching and rubbing. What they do provide is a handy portable container for a thief to pick up and swiftly escape with… taking all your jewelry along.

That's all there is to it! I hope you like my jewelry storage drawer and will use it to your advantage.


Gem Industry News

A follow-up on last month's newsletter article on Rubies From Mogok…

According to gem industry news sources, supplies of ruby from Myanmar are again in short supply.

Gem cutters in Thailand are having great difficulty in acquiring better rough stones, that is to say, rubies from the Mogok Tract mines.

The Mogok mines are officially closed to foreigners by order of the Myanmar government.

Price increases are beginning to occur in the high-end ($2000 - $3000 per carat) gems.

This on-again, off-again supply tale has been repeated several times over the past few years.

Gem Season

This is a great time to give loose gemstones as gifts.

Gems make an unusual and welcome gift. You're giving a beautiful treasure, that's true. You're also giving inspiration, and, you're giving freedom. Freedom to create the unique and personal piece of jewelry they want.

Now is a good time to do a little gift shopping at theAZGem site.


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Carolyn Doyle

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