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December, 2006

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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.


The December Birthstone Is Tanzanite or Blue Topaz


The December birthstone is tanzanite or blue topaz


The December birthstone is tanzanite, or blue topaz... or even turquoise. Yes, the list seems to just keep growing for the December birthstones.

This month we complete our series on birthstones that provide answers to questions like...

"What if I don't like the color of my birthstone?"

"What if I can't afford my birthstone?"The December birthstone isblue topaz

The short answers to the above questions are... you're stuck with blue and you can afford one. Not everyone can afford tanzanite, but everyone can afford a blue topaz like the one pictured here.

Because the December birthstone is tanzanite, or blue topaz... or even turquoise, December babies have a lot of choice in the price of their birthstone. They even have choices among shades of blue... and even blue-violet in tanzanite.

How did December come to have so many choices for birthstones? Marketing!

The December birthstone is tanzanite or blue topazTanzanite is a relatively recent addition, since it wasn't even discovered until the 1960's. Since then, tanzanite has enjoyed explosive popularity. Tanzanite now ranks as one of the most purchased... and most expensive colored gems available today, especially in the color intensity shown here..

Tanzanite has a hardness rating of between 6 and 7, a little low for everyday wear in a ring.

The December birthstone is tanzanite or blue topaz

Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

Tanzanite is named after the country of Tanzania, in East Africa. This beautiful gem is mined in only one place in the whole world, a small (20 square kilometer) area, practically in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro. (That gives me a reason to include the great photo above from out tanzanite rough supplier.)

If you're looking for tanzanite, email me and let me know what size, shape and quality you're looking for.

Where was I? Oh yes, marketing... selling jewelry. It's the reason the jewelry industry promotes the concept of birthstones. And that's not a bad thing because birthstones are fun.The December birthstone can be turquoise

Fifty years or so ago, turquoise was the December birthstone. Because turquoise is an opaque stone, blue zircon was an acceptable substitute. 

And then blue topaz became widely available. Blue topaz has some characteristics that quickly made this gem a real favorite, and not just with December babies:

The December birthstone is blue topaz

    • Several beautiful shades of blue
    • Gorgeous luster, a real shining gem
    • Hardness (8) and toughness
    • Very reasonable prices

We have a wide selection of blue topaz. Use the link above to email your inquiries.

Because the December birthstone is tanzanite, or blue topaz... or even turquoise, December babies can choose among several shades of blue in turquoise and topaz... and even blue-violet in tanzanite.

Prices range from a few dollars per carat for turquoise to a little more for topaz to thousands per carat for top quality tanzanite.

A Google search for the keyword phrase loose tanzanite, or blue topaz jewelry  returns a number of listings and ads for vendors that will show you market prices.





gem stone and jewelry newsletter


Gem Industry News...


Cyber Monday


Here is part of a recent press release from


300,000 Visitors Flock to's

RESTON, Va., November 29, 2006 comScore Networks, a leader in measuring the digital age, today released data on consumer online non-travel (retail) spending at U.S. sites for Cyber Monday and the 2006 holiday season to date. Cyber Monday, which marks the first major spike in online holiday spending as people returned to work after the Thanksgiving weekend, saw slightly higher than expected gains. Cyber Monday sales totaled $608 million, up 26 percent versus the same day last year. During the first 27 days of November this year, total online retail spending reached $9.48 billion, marking a 24-percent increase versus the corresponding days in 2005.




Tucson Shows On The Horizon

The world's largest gathering of colored stone industry players will happen in Tucson in just two short months. If you're going to be there, you should be making room reservations immediately.


jewelry newsletter


Jewelry Dealers

wholesale jewelryAre you building inventory? Christmas is coming fast.

It's easier to sell a piece of jewelry than a loose stone and a mounting from a catalog.


Shoppers are planning to spend more for the holidays

The average American consumer plans to spend $791 this holiday season, up from $738 last year, according to a recent National Retail Federation survey. In addition, shoppers are expected to take advantage of sales and discounts during the holiday season to spend an additional $100 on themselves.

You can get a share of this spending!

Because you offer quality, service, and great prices, you have an advantage over retail stores.

I urge you to reach out to your customers now!



JCK Las Vegas

The 2007 edition of theJCK Show - Las Vegas will be held in two locations: The Sands Expo and Convention Center/The Venetian Hotel Resort & Casino and, for the first time, the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This show is for jewelry store operators, and is a huge show held in early June of each year. Maybe this year JCK will enter the 21st century and admit internet jewelry retailers.



New Site

Want to buy gemstone rough from Madagascar? We go around the world for you! 



gem stone newsletter


Jewelry Dealers Program

Do you enjoy jewelry and gems?sapphire ring

Do you enjoy talking with friends and co-workers?

Take a look at our great Jewelry Dealers Program.


Carolyn Doyle

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