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December, 2007

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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.


World Jewelry Center



World Jewelry Center is the name, and the center piece of the Center is the spectacular 50 story high-rise tower rendered above. Billed as "The New Global Marketplace For Gems and Jewelry," it is destined to dominate downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.

As promised last month, this issue features information about this world-class venue. Rather than fashioning my own description, I will quote directly from the website...

The World Jewelry Center, with approximately one million square feet of mixed-use space, will be one of the largest jewelry hubs on the planet. Located in Las Vegas, in the new master-planned community of Union Park, the new Center will combine the corporate offices of domestic and international gem and jewelry companies in an iconic, state-of-the-art trade tower adjacent to a spectacular free-standing gallery of retail jewelry stores with broad market appeal. The mixed-use project will also feature a world-class museum, exhibition space, and exclusive luxury residential condominiums. Designed to house manufacturers, dealers, wholesalers, and retailers, the World Jewelry Center is poised to revolutionize the global jewelry industry and become a progressive business focal point for international trade and commerce.

The World Jewelry Center will be a one-stop shop for both gem and jewelry professionals and the consuming public. The convergence of key trade leaders that span all industry sectors and international boundaries will bring innovative ideas and best practices, setting new standards for quality and integrity in the trade. The project is unique in that professionals will have the opportunity to purchase their own office condominiums. The public will also benefit from a unique, service-oriented shopping experience that is educational in nature and promotes consumer confidence. The World Jewelry Center truly is the new global marketplace for gems and jewelry.


Ideally situated at the crossroads of two major highways that service the Las Vegas area in every direction, the World Jewelry Center boasts a superior location within close proximity to the Las Vegas Strip, McCarran International Airport, and Summerlin, the largest residential masterplanned community in the United States.

The project will be part of a new master planned community known as Union Park, a 61-acre property located in Las Vegas. Union Park will be a new urban center for work, living, and play, and includes such projects as the Frank Gehry designed Lou Ruvo Alzheimer's Center, the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, and an expansive public plaza and park. Union Park is also adjacent to the World Market Center, the U.S. hub for the furniture industry, and the Las Vegas Premium Outlets, one of the most successful outlet malls in the U.S.

Designed by renowned Altoon+Porter Architects, the World Jewelry Center will be a cutting-edge facility that adds value and synergy to the jewelry industry.

Construction is scheduled to start before the end of 2007, with completion anticipated before mid-2010.

The project has announced commitments by more than 100 occupants already. Another recent success was the announcement that the U.S. Commerce Department has approved the Center as a Foreign Trade Zone Site.

We look forward to visiting and doing business with some of the occupants.

To inquire about loose colored gems, finished jewelry, or loose accent stones just send me an email to tell me what you want.


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gem stone and jewelry newsletter


Gem Industry News...


Cyber Monday Online Retail Spending Up 21 Percent Over Last Year


Amazon and Wal-Mart are the top online retailers in Cyber Monday visitors reports comScore Inc., a leading internet analysis company.

“Cyber Monday is an important day during the online holiday shopping season, representing the first significant spike in online holiday spending activity,” said comScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni. “Cyber Monday once again set a record with $733 million in sales, the first time a single day of online retail spending has broken the $700 million threshold.


Now, on a completely different note... I am repeating the appeal posted below...

When you are making out your Christmas card list this year,  please include the following:
                       A Recovering American Soldier
                       c/o Walter Reed Army Medical  Center
                       6900 Georgia Avenue,NW
                       Washington,D.C... 20307-5001
If you approve of the idea, please pass it on to your e-mail list.



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Jewelry Dealers


wholesale jewelry

This is it! Now is the time to contact your customers and provide them with good deals and quality merchandise. Finished jewelry, and even loose gems are popular gifts.

Sell a loose gem before Christmas, and expect to receive an order for a mounting... and possibly some accent stones after the holidays.

Ask your loyal customers to refer their friends and co-workers to you. Then reward them with a thank You gift... a house plant, or even a loose gem of their own.


gemstone news


Jewelry Dealers Program

Do you enjoy jewelry and gems?sapphire ring

Do you enjoy talking with friends and co-workers?

Could you use an extra income source?

Take a look at our great Jewelry Dealers Program.



Carolyn Doyle

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