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December, 2008

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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.


Platinum Jewelry With Gems



Platinum Jewelry With Gems is the title of this month's feature article.

The Platinum Jewelry With Gems article is in response to another of the interesting questions from readers. In this instance the question is... "Why does platinum jewelry with gems cost more than similar gold jewelry, when the metal prices are comparable?"

We will explore two areas to glean the answers to this question... alloys, and gem vs. top gem quality. Ready?

Platinum jewelry with gems is an alloy of more than one metal... but, it is often 85% platinum, and 15% other metal. These other metals may be palladium, iridium, ruthenium, tungsten, or even copper.

Gold jewelry with gems is also an alloy... of gold, silver, copper, and/or other metals. 14 karat gold is 58% gold and 18 karat gold is 75% gold.

As of this writing the spot metal price for platinum is $849 per ounce, and gold is at $813 per ounce. As you can see, the prices are roughly the same.

But when you consider a piece of jewelry such as the bracelet pictured above, the alloys make a great deal of difference in cost. There would be $721 of platinum in that piece , and $471 of 14K gold. ($849 x 85% for platinum, and $813 x 58% for 14K gold)

Platinum jewelry with gems often inspires the jewelry artist (manufacturer) to use the very best quality gems available. A "top gem" quality ruby, sapphire, emerald, of other precious gem is often set in a platinum mounting.

Gold jewelry with gems may feature a gem quality stone that's not quite as "gemmy." Both are beautiful stones, but the premium stones command a premium price. 

Platinum jewelry with gems is more expensive than similar gold jewelry for good reasons. In addition to the reasons explored above, platinum is more difficult to work with and requires some additional specialized equipment.

Platinum Jewelry With Gems is our subject, but platinum jewelry without gems is also available. Thank goodness platinum jewelry with gems is much more popular!

A Google search using the search box below and the keyword phrase platinum jewelry with gems will show you a number of links and ads.




gem stone and jewelry newsletter


Gem Industry News...


November 28, 2008

JCK Magazine issued this compilation of first-hand reports on the Mumbai terrorist attacks. The reports come from some of the diamond dealers attending a meeting at the Taj Hotel.

Diamantaires at Taj and Oberoi hotels during Terrorist Attack, No Injuries Reported


Platinum Jewelry Demand May Rise In Asia

Johnson Matthey Plc, a leading precious metals dealer, says platinum demand for jewelry in China and Japan, the two largest consumers, will probably rise next year regardless of a global recession after prices fell from a record and as metal recycling declines.

``We are beginning to see people come back to the market because of a lower price,'' Rainaldo O'Meara, market research manager at the London-based company, said today in an interview in Tokyo. ``This may well continue into next year.''

Platinum for immediate delivery touched a record $2,301.50 an ounce on March 4 as South Africa, the world's biggest producer, cut output because of power shortages. Prices slumped to $744.25 on Oct. 27, the lowest since November 2003, amid concern falling auto sales will cut demand for the metal used in automobile pollution control equipment..


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Jewelry Dealers


IT has arrived!

The Christmas sales season is upon us. This is where most jewelry dealers make the most sales of the year. You should be working with your existing customers and asking them to refer new customers to you. 

When someone does send you a new customer... reward them!. 

An ailing economy isn't a deal killer when you offer quality, service, and low prices on beautiful jewelry and loose gems.


gemstone news


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