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December, 2010


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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.


Gemstone Stud Earrings And Real Gold


  gemstone stud earrings and real gold


Gemstone stud earrings and real gold mountings are still available here.




The gems are real natural gemstones in a generous size. Each gem is 7 mm in width, in a classic round shape, and fully faceted and polished to bring out the brilliant color and natural sparkle.

Red Garnet - This gem is THE classic red gem for earrings. Every woman has, or needs, at least one pair of garnet earrings.

Citrine - A fashionable gem in a sweet orange-yellow hue. I think this is the most attractive citrine color. Very nice earrings!

Paraiba Topaz - The intense blue-green color of this gem stone is strikingly similar to the very costly Paraiba Tourmaline from the same area. 

Blue Topaz - This is our very popular "Top Swiss Blue" gem. Always in style and very appealing.

Royal Amethyst - The fabulous purple gem, this time from Brazil. It's a classic gem for earrings. Amethyst always ranks among the top five most popular colored gems.

Oro Verde - This beautiful and intriguing gem has an interesting name. Oro means "gold" in the Spanish language and Verde means "green".

Oro Verde is a stunning gold-green colored gem in the same family as citrine and amethyst.

These are all beautiful studs in a great size, made with natural gems and 14 mountings.


gemstone stud earrings and real gold


swiss blue topaz gemstone stud earrings and real gold


These are solid 14 karat yellow gold... not gold plated nor even gold filled. The posts and backs are also solid 14 karat gold.


2005 Prices 

Several years ago we were advised that the price of commodities would continue to rise for the foreseeable future. Financial and manufacturing trade groups were advising manufacturers to hedge their basic materials.

For The Dorado Company, that meant buy as many of the gold mountings and gems that we use to make our popular gemstone earrings as we could afford.

So we bought a ton of each! Well, maybe not a ton... but we bought a several years' supply. Now we're glad that we did. Gold prices have tripled, and many manufacturers have switched to silver or other metals to keep their jewelry affordable.

Our popular gemstone stud earrings are still selling at the old price.


Another $10 Off

For readers of our newsletter we will sell you these earrings for only $79 per pair until Christmas.

Send me an email (with anti-spam) to order a pair for yourself, and maybe a pair or two as gifts.


Photo Information

Top - The six gemstones available in our popular gemstone stud earrings.

Next - Red Garnet earring adorning her ear.

Next - Gemstone and earring size compared to a dime. The metal is all 14 karat yellow gold and the gems are Swiss Blue Topaz. 



Site Build It!



A Google Images search using keywords such as 14 karat 7 mm gemstone earrings, or blue topaz can return some very interesting information and websites.









Gem Offer


blue zircon natural gemstones


Readers are requesting that I offer a special deal on a different gem in each newsletter. I am not able to offer gems at prices below my cost as some readers have requested, but I will offer them at very low prices.

We keep gem prices low by buying quality gemstone rough worldwide, and having the rough material cut by our gem cutters in Asia.

This month's featured item is: 

Gem:   Natural blue zircon

Shape:   Round

Size:   5.4 mm

Price:   $12 each

Send me an email (with anti-spam) and tell me if you want just one... or a matched pair.


colored gemstone newsletter


Gem Industry News...


'Fancy Intense Pink' Diamond Sells For $46 Million


diamond fancy intense pink 



Last month we wrote about a rare diamond to be auctioned by Sotheby's in Geneva, Switzerland.

The gem is graded "fancy intense pink" and internally flawless. This magnificent emerald cut diamond weighs 24.78 carats. It is generally recognized as the largest fine pink diamond known to exist.

Sotheby's Geneva sold the diamond on November 16, 2010. Four bidders competed for the gem. The bidding was finally won by Patti Wong, bidding on behalf of British diamond magnate Laurence Graff.

Sotheby's estimated the diamond's sale price to approach $38 million USD. It sold for a world record price of $46.1 million.





gemstone news


Jewelry Dealers




IT has arrived!

The Christmas sales season is upon us. This is where many jewelry dealers make the most sales of the year. You should be working with your existing customers and asking them to refer new customers to you. 

When someone does send you a new customer... reward them!. 

An ailing economy isn't a deal killer when you offer quality, service, and low prices on beautiful jewelry and loose gems.

Be The Quality Jewelry Discounter.


SBI Video Tour!



gemstone news



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Carolyn Doyle

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