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December 2014


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Usable Gems... and a little opinion.


Graff Reacquires Namesake Ruby


graff reacquires namesake ruby


Graff reacquires namesake ruby is a surprising headline for many in the gem and jewelry industries. But it should not be at all surprising, according to Laurence Graff.

"It was a natural thing to do. Graff deals in the finest gemstones in the world and this is the finest ruby in the world. We are very proud to have it in our possession for the second time." Graff stated shortly after the sale.

Graff reacquires namesake ruby, or a variation on that theme, was indeed the headline of numerous industry news and general news media outlets.

The Graff Ruby was certainly the premier item in Sotheby’s Geneva sale of Magnificent & Noble Jewels. Other notable pieces were auctioned in the same sale, and several world record prices were paid (in Swiss Francs, CHF).

Sotheby's press release on the sale carried a number of secondary headlines covering highlights of the sale. Portions of that release are reprinted below.



graff reacquires namesake ruby

David Bennett auctioneering the Graff Ruby


Sotheby's press release on the sale carried a number of secondary headlines covering highlights of the sale. Portions of that release are reprinted below.


The Graff Ruby, "A Gem among Gems"

Sells for CHF 8.3 million ($8.6 million), World Auction Record for a Ruby

World Auction Record for a Kashmir Sapphire At CHF 5.8 million ($6 million)

Jewels from the Mavrommatis Collection realise CHF 26.6 million ($27.9 million)

Queen Joséphine’s Natural Pearl Necklace Soars above estimate and achieves CHF 3.3 million ($3.4 million)

Record for a Cartier Mystery Clock "Model A" The outstanding CHF 91.8 million ($95.3 million)

Achieved by the Sale of Magnificent & Noble Jewels

Reasserts a centuries-long Fascination with Rare Coloured Gemstones



rare 27.54 carat step-cut kashmir sapphire

27.54 carat Kashmir sapphire


Rare Gemstones & Spectacular Jewels from the Dimitri Mavrommatis Collection

At the heart of today’s sale was an ensemble of rare gemstones & beautiful jewels from the Dimitri Mavrommatis Collection. All 16 lots found buyers and realised a combined total of CHF 26,840,000 ($27,861,799) (est. CHF 17.8-27.3 million / $18.5-28.3 million). In addition to the Graff Ruby, the offering included a rare 27.54 carat step-cut Kashmir sapphire which exhibited a rich, saturated velvety blue colour and achieved CHF 5,765,000 ($5,984,474), a world auction record for a Kashmir sapphire (lot 468, est. CHF 2,86-5,71 million/ $3-6 million).

Testament to the collector’s educated eye were also several beautiful creations by two of the most respected contemporary jewelers, Graff and JAR. JAR, the leading art jeweler of the last 50 years and an unrivalled master of colour was represented by a pair of superb sapphire, ruby and diamond earrings which sold for CHF 557,000 ($578,205) (lot 463, est. CHF 385,000-670,000 / $400,000-700,000).



queen joséphine’s natural pearl and diamond necklace

Natural pearl and diamond necklace formerly in the collection of Joséphine de Beauharnais, Queen of Sweden and Norway


All of the news stories, and the auction itself, focus on the ruby... and hardly mention the two diamond accented mountings that are sold along with the ruby.

There are good reasons for this. The two mountings are impressive, but they could be reproduced . The ruby is regarded as the finest in the world. 

Graff reacquires namesake ruby... is a headline that could happen again - someday. Graff bought the gem at the Christie's International Auction in St. Moritz in 2006. He paid $3.6 million. He later sold the gem in a private transaction for an undisclosed sum. Now he has reacquired it for $8.6 million.


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Photo Information


Top - Graff Ruby - worn by a model at the auction

Next - Sotheby’s Geneva sale of Magnificent & Noble Jewels. David Bennett auctioneering the Graff Ruby

Next - 27.54 carat Kashmir sapphire sold at the same auction

Next - Natural pearl and diamond necklace, with significant history

Next: - Gem special offer - Royal Blue topaz, a December birthstone

Next - Industry News - Csarite gemstone

Next - Dealer Product Image - Blue Spinel and White Topaz Ring in Sterling Silver

Last - Dealer Program Image - Pink Spinel and Sterling Silver Earrings



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A Google search for links or images using keywords such as graff unique jewels or sotheby's important jewels upcoming auctions can return some very interesting information and websites.




Gem Offer


royal blue topaz trillion


Here is this month's special gem deal. 


Gem:     Topaz... a December birthstone

Color:     Royal blue - brighter than Swiss blue

Quality:     Very nice - a lively stone

Shape:     Trillion

Dimensions:     9 x 9 x 9 mm

Weight:     3.12 carats

Price:     $25, plus shipping ($5)

Note:     The photo is of a similar stone

Send me an email (with anti-spam) (carolynatazgemdotcom) and tell me that you want this fine gem.

We have other  shapes, sizes, and shades of blue topaz available.

We keep gem prices low by buying quality gemstone rough worldwide, and having the rough material cut by our gem cutters in Asia.


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Gem Industry News


Csarite Inspires Jewelry Designers


csarite cushion shaped gemstone

photo credit: Milenyum Mining


A diverse group of luxury jewelry designers from around the globe are creating a collection of one-of-a-kind jewelry designs that center on the beautiful gemstone CSARITE®, according to Milenyum Mining Limited. Initiated by Erica Courtney and The Courtney Collection®, this exciting new collection is scheduled to launch at the Tucson gem show early next year.

The world’s largest CSARITE®, a 121.65-carat pear-shaped gem, will be the focal point of a new CSARITE® jewelry line by Courtney. Other designers highlighting the natural, color-change gem will be Canada’s Varouj Tabakian, Turkey’s Pinar Oner, and U.S. designers Victor Velyan, Jennifer Dawes and Katie Diamond. The collection will be displayed in The Courtney Collection booth #2206 at the GJX show, February 3 to 8, 2015.

“We are so excited about the enthusiasm with which the designers have embraced this project. CSARITE® is a single source gem, always natural, never enhanced, possessing the rare gemological phenomenon of color change,” stated Murat Akgun, the president of Milenyum Mining Limited. “Top designers like the ones participating in this collection are searching for unusual, responsibly sourced gems for their discriminating customers. CSARITE® fits the bill in so many ways!”

Milenyum Mining is the world’s only source supply of CSARITE®, a natural, unenhanced color-change gemstone.




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Jewelry Dealers


wholesale jewelry


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The holiday season is now.



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Jewelry Dealers Program


jewelry dealers program


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