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Wholesale Jewelry

 Get Into the Jewelry Business at Home


Are you interested in...

Meeting new people
Being pointed out in a crowd
Having fun
Owning a business

You can buy jewelry and gems wholesale, sell them to people you routinely come in contact with, and make a profit.

And, you'll be doing them a favor!

You can make money and have fun while you play with jewelry and gems.

Don't try to sell them. Just talk about the jewelry, and the good deal.

The ones that are interested will buy... the others will call you around the Holidays.

Here's The Deal

You buy what you need to get started with your credit card for a single low payment of only $195.

For that single low payment you get tools, advice and enough jewelry to get your $195 back quickly!

Just look at what you get... 

  • Resource information - How to find
    Wholesale jewelry mounting manufacturers
    Chain manufacturers
    Custom jewelry and repair goldsmiths
    Wholesale jewelry findings dealers
    Wholesale jewelry trade shows
    Trade magazines / news
  • Basic jewelry sales tools
    10 power triplet loupe
    Ring sizing stick
    Ring finger sizing set
    Gem tweezers
    Gem stone gauge

  • "How to" guidance
    How to set up the business
    How to make those first sales
    How to figure prices
    How to manufacture custom jewelry
  • Wholesale jewelry merchandise to sell immediately!
    Two pairs of 7 mm stud gem earrings
    One beautiful, sparkling loose gem stone

In short you get a business!

You sell the jewelry to people you know by just mentioning that you're now a jewelry dealer.

You collect $68 for each pair of earrings... that's $138 total so far!

You have the gem stone set in a pendant mounting, using the resource information I provide to you.

You sell the pendant for $85. That gives you total revenues of $221, and a profit.

And that's just the start of a fun and profitable side business!

You restock with a few more items... rings, earrings, pendants, whatever you want.

Then you sell those items and reinvest part of the the money in more jewelry to sell.

It's fun and it's easy. All you're doing is mentioning your business in casual conversation.

When they ask about it, you show them the jewelry.

You mention the quality gems set in 14 kt. gold. And you mention the good deals you offer because you don't have to pay for...

  • Store rent
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Employees

After all you're selling jewelry at deep discount everyday.

For example the first two pairs of earrings you sold for $68 per pair are designed to sell for $149 per pair!

You sell them birthday, Valentine's Day, and  anniversary gifts all year long.

By the end of November you've built up more than a few pieces of merchandise, plus you have a little catalog of merchandise on your computer with customer prices shown.

The holidays are here. It's jewelry sales season.

It's time to have a sales party!

You take orders for delivery by December 20.

You order what you don't have in stock.

After the holidays you use the money you made to restock your merchandise, and to take a little vacation.

Click here for more information.


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